Community Briefs 2020

Update on Montage:

According to Healdsburg Interim City Manager David Kiff, the discussion on Montage will be moved to a separate council meeting on Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. See his notice on the meeting change below:
"Hi Folks –
An update on the Montage Healdsburg discussion. We think that we need to err on the side of providing more information (hopefully all helpful info) for our staff report for this Development Agreement “check-in” associated with the resort’s entitlement.
Therefore, we asked the resort developer and the Council if we could to move the discussion to a special meeting of the City Council – this subject only – planned for Monday, September 28, starting at 5 PM.
This gives us more time to prepare information for you and the Council to digest, and it allows Montage Healdsburg to be the sole item on the agenda. As a result, the staff report will come out Thursday evening, September 24 (not this coming Thursday) and folks will have the weekend of September 25-27 to read it.
Again, the meeting is now planned for Monday, September 28. (The presidential debate is the next night, for those wondering – would not want to miss that).
Thanks for your understanding and patience.
Dave Kiff, Interim City Manager."

Air quality improves

The air quality for much of the North Bay and for the city of Healdsburg drastically improved on Wednesday and residents are finally seeing some clear skies after days of thick smoke and orange haze.

According to data from the San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the current air quality index (AQI) for Healdsburg at the time of this writing is five, a good rating compared to the extremely high AQI numbers we saw earlier this week and last week.

On Monday the air quality was still quite poor in Healdsburg and the AQI for parts of the city ranged from 163 to 170, meaning folks may experience health effects if they are exposed for 24 hours.

Sonoma County as a whole is also finally seeing better air quality and District 5 Supervisor Lynda Hopkins was quite happy about that.

I never thought I could possibly be *this* smitten with green dots. And also the feel of cool, clean air pouring through my open windows,” Hopkins wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday evening.

AQI between 0-50 is considered to be good air quality, 50 to 100 is considered moderate and anything higher is considered poor. When higher AQI levels persist folks are encouraged to limit their outdoor activity and sensitive groups — people with asthma or pre existing conditions — are encouraged to stay inside.

You can track the air quality and view interactive air quality maps by visiting


Skate park closed until further notice

As a result of park goers failing to abide by the facial covering requirement, the Healdsburg Community Services Department announced yesterday morning that the skate park will be closed until further notice.

According to the announcement from the community services department, skaters started off strong in terms of following the mask requirement, however, recently there have been a string of continued daily violations of the rule.


Montage notes

Earlier this week, Healdsburg Interim City Manager David Kiff addressed some concerns regarding the Montage Healdsburg resort, which is slated to open this winter.

In a statement posted on the city of Healdsburg Facebook page Kiff wrote, “I don’t want to dive in too deeply into the dialogue, but I did want you to know these things:

1. The community park, fire substation, multi-use trail and emergency ingress and egress to Parkland Farms are essential parts of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that approved the development. They cannot and won’t be removed.

2 The affordable housing is vital, too, and is something that is fair for the city council and community to discuss along with potential alternatives that have been presented by the developer.”

According to Kiff, a check in on the plans is set for the next Healdsburg City Council meeting on Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. Those who are interested in the topic can download the staff report in advance. Reports and council agendas are usually available the Thursday prior to a meeting.

Kiff said residents who want to offer their thoughts, questions or concerns on the subject can contact the city council by emailing

Fire fuel reduction at Fitch Mountain     

Last week the Healdsburg Fire Department worked with the Healdsburg Community Services Department to work on fire fuel reduction along Fitch Mountain Road and in areas of the Fitch Mountain Open Space Preserve.

On Sept. 10, dozers and crews were brought in to clear away dead and overgrown brush. The work was made possible by Fire Safe Sonoma and the Fitch Mountain COPE group who worked to obtain a PG&E grant for fuel reduction work.

Organizations that contributed to the project included Northern Sonoma County Fire Fuels Crew, Eric Dicke Road Construction, Sonoma County TPW, Fitch Mountain COPE, Fire Safe Sonoma, PG&E and the residents of Fitch Mountain.



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