COMMUNITY — Alma Bowen, right, talks to a community member about Nuestra Comunidad during Friday Night Live in Cloverda on Aug. 30, 2019/

Corazón Healdsburg is launching a new emergency preparedness program that includes online preparedness workshops with Nuestra Comunidad, rental insurance education and assistance and emergency supply kits for local families and community members. Students who complete the two online classes will receive a free emergency kit and a small financial incentive, according to a Corazón press release.

The new program is being funded through a grant from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and from donations to Corazón’s Unity & Community Fund.

“We want to give our community the tools and information they need to be ready for the next disaster, whether it’s a fire, an earthquake or flood,” said Corazón CEO Ariel Kelley.

The bulk of the program centers around a free hour-long online emergency preparedness class with Alma Bowen, the executive director of Nuestra Comunidad, a local nonprofit that aims to educate folks on emergency and disaster preparedness through public outreach and training.

The webinar will cover basic emergency preparedness topics such as how to open an electric garage door if there’s no power, what to put in a go-bag and how to create an effective family communication plan for a disaster.

Classes will be conducted in both English and Spanish.

“When we reduce vulnerability, whether it’s caused by financial, language or technology barriers, we build resiliency in our community,” Bowen said in a Corazón press release. “The students are eager to learn how to be ready for the next disaster and by the end of the class they have plans in place that could save their lives.”

The nonprofits will also offer a second free online workshop on rental insurance where participants can sign up for a year’s worth of rental insurance paid for by Corazón while funds last.

“Our goal is to have 500 families go through the training, get signed up for rental insurance, and receive the financial incentive and emergency kit by the end of this year,” said Angie Sanchez, head of programs at Corazón. “We know that Spanish-speaking households and low-income workers and families are disproportionately impacted when there’s a disaster. This program is meant to be all-encompassing but targeted, getting the information and resources to those in our community who need it most.”

Anyone interested in signing up for the series of classes should call 707-395-0938. Classes will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Businesses and other organizations can also enroll their staff or members and should call the same number to discuss options.

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