COVID demographics in sonoma county march 27

An update in COVID-19 cases for Sonoma County on Friday night, March 27, saw the county’s cumulative cases rising to 54 cases, with 40 classified as active and 13 as recovered. One person in Sonoma County has also died from the virus. With Friday’s case update came demographic information from the Sonoma County Department of Health Services — something that County Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase said would be released following the county’s 50th case.

According to Fifth District Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, as of 8 p.m. on Friday evening, the county has administered 1,214 tests, with 94% negative and 4% positive. A social media post from the supervisor also outlined the following information:

Of the 54 cases, 13 of the patients were hospitalized at some point.

Breaking the confirmed cases down by region, north county (Windsor to Cloverdale) has seen seven confirmed cases; west county (Sebastopol and Guerneville) has nine cases; south county (Penngrove and Petaluma) has nine cases; east county (Kenwood, Glen Ellen and Sonoma) has eight cases; central county (Rohnert Park, cotati and Santa Rosa) has 18 cases; and three cases are still under investigation.

The most cases have occurred in the largest age demographic, with people ages 18 to 49 making up 25 of the confirmed cases. There are 19 cases in people ages 50 to 64 and 10 cases in people ages 65 and up. The county currently has no cases in children aged 17 and under.

“As you can see, coronavirus is present in all areas of the county,” Hopkins said. “There is no ‘safe’ community, nor are all of the cases concentrated in a particular ‘hot spot.’ Central Sonoma County, which has the greatest concentration of cases, also has the greatest concentration of population — so a higher number there is not reflective of an unusual spike.”

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