Sworn in

Sworn in — Outgoing Healdsburg School Board President Jami Kiff swore in former Board Vice President Donna Del Rey as the new board president. Trustee Aracely Romo-Flores will serve as vice president in the new term.


Aracely Romo-Flores to take Del Rey’s seat as vice president

The Healdsburg Unified School District Board of Trustees selected board vice president Donna Del Rey as the board president for the next term. Board members appointed Trustee Aracely Romo-Flores to take Del Rey’s spot as board vice president.

The unanimous vote came during the board’s Dec. 18 meeting where trustees also said farewell to the district’s director of business services, Steve Barekman, who will be taking a business services role at the Ukiah Unified School District.

Del Rey was sworn in by outgoing board president Jami Kiff.

In recognition for her time as board president, Kiff was presented with a gavel plaque inscribed with the phrase, “Your three minutes are up.”

Healdsburg Unified School District Superintendent Chris Vanden Heuvel thanked Kiff for her time as board president.

“You have been a model of civility and grace as the president so I want to thank you for your leadership,” Vanden Heuvel said.

Kiff said it has been an honor to serve as president.

Incoming Board President Del Rey echoed Vanden Heuvel’s thoughts.

“It has been a pleasure being your vice president and I think Chris’ phrase is correct of grace and civility and I can tell the public watching that this is who you are. What you do and how you act up here is exactly the model of grace and civility you are behind closed doors and one-on-one,” Del Rey said.

Trustee Mike Potmesil said he was impressed with how professionally Kiff led meetings.

So long

Following board appointments Vanden Heuvel announced that Barekman will be leaving the Healdsburg Unified School District (HUSD) for a business services director job at the Ukiah school district.

Vanden Heuvel said that while Barekman will be missed, he is happy for himand thinks the new role will be a good fit.

Barekman has been with the HUSD for 13 years.

Instead of a commemorative plaque, Barekman was presented with an outdoor beverage cooler on wheels as a token of appreciation.

Kiff thanked Barekman for his work and said she appreciated his ability to make everything clear and easy for her to understand.

“It is a lot and he really helped me understand and get a handle on it, (the) budget,” Del Rey added. “And it is so important to have someone in that role who we can trust to help us because we are responsible for the fiscal budget of the school district.”

Other recognitions 

Vanden Heuvel recognized the district’s transportation department and transportation supervisor Tim Pforsich for helping to evacuate elderly folks and others during the Kincade Fire.

He also gave a word of thanks to the district's maintenance and operations supervisor, Rob Smith, for staying behind during the fire to watch the schools and get the sites ready to re-open after the fire.

Winter break

The HUSD will be on winter break until Jan. 3. District staff will resume work on Jan. 6 for a staff development day and school resumes Jan. 7.

The next school board meeting will take place Jan. 15 at 6 p.m. at Healdsburg City Hall.

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