SHED healdsburg

The SHED property on West North Street.

The SHED property located on West North Street in downtown Healdsburg was purchased by a couple on behalf of the Saint Joseph's Art Foundation, a nonprofit based in San Francisco that aims to create “an uplifting gathering place” for music, art and food.

Healdsburg Mayor Evelyn Mitchell announced this morning during the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce’s Good Morning Healdsburg virtual meeting that the property had sold and a press release sent this afternoon from the foundation confirmed the purchase.

The new venture, dubbed “Little Saint,” is slated to open this fall and will be an extension of the San Francisco nonprofit, according to a press release from spokesperson Sarah Lynch. The mission of the nonprofit is to foster immersive experiences that bring local artists and innovative ideas to the forefront.

Little Saint will offer food, retail and art-centric programming with an additional focus in music. It will also provide residents with the opportunity to engage in conversations about art, biodynamic farming, music, viticulture and other popular topics.   

According to the press release, the new owners acquired the property as a way to give back to their longtime “home away from home.”

“Emerging from this difficult time, we are all more focused on the importance of taking care of each other, whether that means supporting our artists and our neighbors, healing our planet or nurturing our creative spirit,” the press release states. “Little Saint will continue the legacy of SHED … By collaborating with forward-thinking chefs, inventive performers and critical thinkers, the goal is to foster a positive shift at this crucial moment in our culture.”

As of yet, the Tribune has not confirmed who the couple is who purchased the property.

This is a developing story.

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