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Applications are now being accepted for a bond citizen’s oversight committee for the West Side Union Elementary School District and its Measure F bonds. Applications are due Oct. 30.

Measure F, a $7.5 million general obligation bond for Westside School improvements and facility updates, was approved by voters in March 2020.

The bond will help fund several projects including updates to the aging heating, venting and air-conditioning system, improvements to the student drop-off and pick up area and the construction of a multi-purpose room with a cafeteria.

It will also help fund the modernization and construction of classrooms, restrooms and school facilities and improvements to the playgrounds and playfields.

General obligation bonds are similar to home loans in that the bonds are typically repaid over 30 years and the loan repayment comes from a tax on taxable property — residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial — located in the school district’s boundaries.

The seven-member oversight committee will meet one or more times a year to receive reports from district staff on bond fund project expenditures.

The board will also work to confirm for the public that funds have been spent only on the types of projects approved by voters, according to a public notice from the West Side Union Elementary School District.

In addition to including two members of the community on the committee, there must be at least one member from each of the following groups on the board:

●      Business community within the school district.

●      Senior citizen active in a senior citizen’s organization.

●      Parent/guardian of a child enrolled in the school district.

●      Parent/guardian of a child enrolled in the school district and active on school site council.

●      Active member in a bona-fide tax payers’ organization.

The committee cannot include any employee or official of the school district or any vendor, contractor, or consultant of the district.

Members must be at least 18 years old and preference will be given to those who live within the geographic boundary of the district.

Those who want to apply can do so on the following website:  www.westsideusd.org. Those interested can also obtain an application from Superintendent Kris Menlove’s office at 1201 Felta Road, Healdsburg, or by calling 707-433-3923.

Applications are due Oct. 30 to the superintendent’s office or via email sent to the attention of Kris Menlove at: info@westsideusd.org.

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