senior dress up day

Senior Dress-up Day, 1944

L-R:  Bill Wright, Alvin Cadd, Lydon Mothorn, Gordon Farris, Aldo Cavallo, Vince Lodrago, Pryor Passarino, Bill Boden

The following snippets of history are drawn from the pages of the Healdsburg Tribune, the Healdsburg Enterprise and the Sotoyome Scimitar, and are prepared by the volunteers at the Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society. 

100 years ago – May 13, 1920

High school girls hold high jinks — event broken up by boys

The girls of the high school, and the women members of the faculty held their annual “high jinks” Tuesday, and enjoyed the affair for a short period of uninterrupted bliss. The idea is that each maiden comes dressed as fancy suits them. Some come dressed as boys, some in fancy costumes of the Mardi Gras, and others in negligees. But they have a glorious time, and the affair is to be strictly a ”doe” party — meaning opposite to “stag" parties. But the young bucks of the school heard that the affair was to be pulled off last night. The girls had one of the local policemen on guard, and genial E. R. Morehead, the principal, was on duty. But the boys carried things a little farther than was expected, and had already unscrewed latches to several windows, which they raised when they desired entrance, and before the girls were aware of their purpose, the whole building was full of young fellows. Of course, the affair then broke up in confusion, as there were too many boys inside to be handled. The young men of the school carried things pretty far in some instances, breaking a few windows, and some of the school property. This they will repair at their own cost.

75 years ago – May 18, 1945

Servicemen on leave Kiwanis speakers

Two local men, home on leave from oversea duty, Lieutenant Arthur Ruonavaara, navigator, and Harold Sullivan, pharmacist mate 2-c, shared honors as co-speakers at the noon luncheon of the Healdsburg Kiwanis Club. Each told of his experience as a member of the armed forces; Ruonavaara as a navigator of a bomber of the Tenth Air Force in the far east, dropping lethal eggs on Japanese Communications in Burma and Thailand, completing 21 missions over Burma area. After flying and visiting most of the important cities from Mediterranean to China, he still claims that Healdsburg is his favorite. Sullivan told of his experiences as a pharmacist mate while stationed in New Guinea and Australia. 

25 years ago – May 17, 1995

“Baby Think It Over” now at HHS

It’s one thing to preach about the perils of teenage pregnancy; it’s quite another to give teenagers a realistic taste of what it’s like to have their own baby. “Baby Think It Over” is a life-like, 8 pound, 20 inch vinyl doll that emits a realistic cry at random intervals of 2 to 4 hours for feeding.  Freshmen students in the “Survival Skills” class can sign up to take the baby home overnight.  They take the baby with them to classes throughout the day as well. The $240 doll was donated to HHS by the Healdsburg Lyons Club.  Students sign a contract, log the times when the baby cried, and take a test before and after taking the baby home.

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