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The following snippets of history are drawn from the pages of the Healdsburg Tribune, the Healdsburg Enterprise and the Sotoyome Scimitar, and are prepared by the volunteers at the Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society. Admission is always free at the museum, open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

100 years ago – March 11, 1920

The baseball fans of Healdsburg, who are endeavoring to form a team for the county league this year, report that there is a probability that they will be able to get the Luce place on Matheson street, beyond University, for a diamond this year.  They have an additional enthusiast on baseball now, Jake Tenner of Petaluma, who is about to engage in business here, being available for third base.

50 years ago – March 26, 1970

Vandals hit Healdsburg’s Oak Mound cemetery sometime over the weekend of March 14-15 causing damage to some 30 headstones in the older section of the cemetery. Custodian Paul Shelton said he found the markers upset March 18. Shelton complains Sheriff’s deputies and police officers do not provide adequate patrolling of the cemetery (it lies in both the county and city limits, so there is a split in jurisdiction). Police Chief George Vannucci said his department cooperates with the Sheriff’s office in patrolling the area and that his officers do make routine checks of the area but with so many places to hide it is difficult to catch vandals. Deputy Ken Gablier is investigating the incident since it occurred on county property in the non-endowed section. The cemetery is owned by John Galeazzi of Santa Rosa.

25 years ago – March 29, 1995

Low-cost housing project dedicated

A long-awaited affordable housing project, spearheaded by a partnership of the city, the Sonoma County Faith Based Organizing Project, and the Ecumenical Association for Housing, was dedicated Friday.  The two latter groups formed Sonoma County Affordable Homes to promote this and future projects.  Riverfield Homes, an 18-unit townhome project on Adeline Way, took years to complete because of various funding starts and stops. But organizers said it was just the beginning of more projects like it for Healdsburg.  The project allows residents to eventually purchase the units.  It is hoped that this is the first of many projects for Healdsburg.

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