Letters to the editor

Leave it alone

EDITOR: I was interested with the articles which adorned the front page last week.

I haven’t a clue how a very daunting homeless situation can be fixed until we as a nation realize that those with mental illnesses and/or substance abuse addictions need to be addressed differently than they’ve ever been before in our society; however, it seems to me that the problem needs to be addressed before a person is homeless. 

I was baffled, dismayed and at times even amused with our new mayor’s list of what should happen in our dusty hamlet during 2020.

While everyone insists the town needs more housing, when is someone going to realize that a new three bedroom house with two bathrooms for close to a million dollars is a bit steep for most Americans? I’m not sure the city of Healdsburg has the answers for providing housing for those who make an average salary or wage.

Am I the only one who is baffled by the fact we have homeless people dying but there is a desire to create walkways to and from various communities into town, paths to parks and easier ways to reach the river? I’ve lived in Healdsburg over fifty years; everyone knows where the river is located; is it necessary to provide pathways when there are roads with sidewalks? We can see Fitch Mountain; must there be more hiking trails?

I sincerely hope the "climate" has not changed on the city council about cannabis sales in Healdsburg. I know pot is legal…big deal. Or so it seems to so many, but for the record, cannabis sales is not “a convenience to our residents,” at least not all of us, because not all of us have used drugs or even want to use drugs. 

There are many of us who don’t enjoy the odor that comes from the plants nor the problems it creates within our neighborhoods. As a school teacher, having a high student was never appreciated and for the record, a 17-year-old’s behavior when under the influence is no more annoying than a seventy-year-old’s behavior when under the influence. 

By the way, having hotels provide affordable housing is akin to asking Michelin-star restaurants to provide a drive-in next door. 

As well, if one desires to keep “Healdsburg’s special small town character and community feel,” try leaving it alone. 

Brent Mortensen


Special needs children's program back in action

EDITOR: The winter session of SNAP (Special Needs Activity Programs) are starting up again. Developed in collaboration with "Rotary Cares" and the city of Healdsburg, the program will run each Saturday, from Jan. 25 through March 28 at the Healdsburg Community Center, 1557 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, from 10 a.m. to noon. 

Programs will involve music, art, movement and low impact yoga, as well as special guest presenters. The program is open to all types of disabilities ranging in age from 5 to 25. Siblings, friends and parents are also encouraged to attend. Although there is no charge for the program, contributions are always welcome. Come join us each week for this fun and nurturing program designed to enrich and improve special needs children's lives. For further information, contact the city of Healdsburg at 707-431-3301 or log on cityofhealdsburg.org/snap.

Hope to see you there!

Robert Redner

Cloverdale Rotary

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"not all of us, because not all of us have used drugs or even want to use drugs."

The same goes for those who don't use alcohol, which btw is promoted all over this town. Alcohol is much more dangerous than cannabis. Check the stats.

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