Cement Girl

Cement Girl has left the building. MiMi Goode – beautiful, talented, infuriating and unforgettable, died recently from complications of multiple sclerosis, a disease that robbed her eventually of everything.

MiMi was the daughter of Dale and Nydia Goode, of the Murphy-Goode Winery family. MiMi worked in the family business at different times in her life, played competitive soccer, applied her bottomless enthusiasm to marketing, remodeled houses and eventually settled into life as an artist.

She was a student of cement and could tell you what sort of French mix might be best for one use, and when plain ready-mix might work for another.

Her tables, countertops and art castings can be found in gardens and homes all over the county.

MiMi loved to buy antique glass molded lamp shades, fill them with compacted cement, then smash them open to reveal a rough-faced replica of the delicate glass original. She called them “orbs.”

She also reveled in old things. A rusty axle or bracket became a table base or chair with the addition of her imagination, her welder and a new cement top. Ever a marketer, she called her artist persona “Cement Girl,” a quirky, funny, irreverent guru of a medium that can transform from dust to mud to stone.

She fought MS hard for years, even smiling when she showed off her “new wheels” – a motorized wheelchair that became part of her life when her legs no longer obeyed her.

MiMi loved her family, her friends, her dogs and the f-word. She and I tried to write a book a few years ago, hoping to share the Cement Girl philosophy and her techniques, but she was too sick to concentrate, so we mostly sat and talked while she showed me books and told me stories.

There will be plenty of Cement Girl stories on Oct. 9 at 2 p.m. at Dragonfly Floral, where MiMi’s friends will gather for a memorial. For more details, email bonniez@dragonflyfloral.com.

Ray Holley has a couple of orbs in his yard. He can be reached at ray@sonomawest.com.

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Details from Dragonfly on the memorial, which is October 9 from 2-5 pm:

Mimi will be greatly missed by her community near and far. Please come and share stories, laughs, hugs, good food and cheer. Please bring a dish and / or beverage to share. Parking is limited, please walk, ride your bike, carpool, take the pedicab, or whatever else you can think of. Please wear farm appropriate layers and shoes.

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