Letters to the Editor

Take yourself out to a ball game

EDITOR: There are many good reasons why we Healdsburgers should be taking in Prune Packers baseball and supporting a local treasure. Let me name a few.

1. Recreation Park has a history of semi-pro baseball dating almost a hundred years. Healdsburg’s history is written in the history of the park and the games played there. An afternoon spent at that site is like a day with Norman Rockwell—bright sunlight baseball surrounded by your friends and family.

2. Where in Healdsburg can you spend $20 for a family of four and get such entertainment.

3. With your $20, you also get three hours of Dick Bergarske, broadcasting wonderful stories of events that played out in Rec Park. He tells of famous names that have passed through, but have stopped to hit out a few on our field, or stories of men who first brought glory to the field back playing in the 20’s and 40’s. Dick is Healdsburg’s Gandolf.

4. You’re right up close to the game and you are also close to twenty-five very accessible young men who have travelled to Healdsburg to spend a summer here, to live their collective dream of making to the Big Show

5. This season, concessions are run by Bear Republic and Summers Café and Deli. Summers provides all the traditional baseball fare at a reasonable price, with a Healdsburg twist. The Bear offers beer at Thursday through Saturday games.

Joe Gellura


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