Letters to the editor

Letters of thanks:

Each year, Alexander Valley School students submit what they are thankful for. Below are this year’s submissions.

I am thankful for the firefighters because they saved our school from burning down. They also saved three towns, which were Geyserville, Windsor and Healdsburg. Sadly some houses burned, but I am so thankful the firefighters saved a lot of people! I hope the house builders can repair all the houses. Thank you, firefighters.

— Adam Castillo

I am thankful for my sister. When the fire started in the middle of the night, she let us stay with her in Santa Rosa. In the morning she let us shower and she made us food. After the fires stopped, she helped us clean our house because there was a lot of smoke in my mom and dad’s room. My sister made those weeks easy.

— Andrew Gonzalez

During the fire the last two weeks, we had to evacuate because we were in the city of Healdsburg. I am very thankful for my mom, because she found a place for us to stay at my grandmother’s house while they were in Reno. During the trip, my mom got snacks for us to snack on. In the bedroom where I was sleeping, my mom helped me find a good place to sleep. I am very thankful for my mom for helping us during the fire!

— Audrey Kreck

I am grateful for my dad because when the fire was happening my family was staying in a hotel. Dad went back home to get my favorite stuffed animal and I really respect that. He wasn’t scared to go back to our house just to get my stuffed animal. When he came through the hotel door he was covered with ashes. I ran the shower for him, put his clothes in the washer, then made a card for him. My dad respects me and I respect him.

— Bella St.Clair 

I am thankful for firefighters because they were brave when the Kincade Fire started. They worked for days without much break. When people are driving away from the fire they are driving to the hot fire. Last week, two CalFire engines drove in my yard. We were talking to the first fire engine and they said that they have been working for 31 days straight .

Thank you, firefighters, you saved many homes and worked so hard.

— Maysen Munselle

I am thankful for all the people that helped when the fire was going around Alexander Valley. I think the firefighters are brave because they were really close to the fire. I am thankful that they worked all night and day to protect us. I am also really thankful to them for helping our community. I hope we don’t have another fire and that all the firefighters get rest.

— Camilia Gutierrez

During the Kincade Fire, I was watching the fire burn down Brett’s vineyard, and my family didn’t leave. I was scared and did not know what was going to happen. It happened rapid and slow at the same time. It was so despairingly sad for those who did lose their house. Guess who saved my house, and my grandma and grandpa’s house? My mom and dad saved it all by themselves! Honestly, I would like to thank my mom and dad. They were the people who saved my house. I’m proud of you, Mom and Dad, I really am.

— Carrie Osborne

I am thankful for the firefighters. The firefighters saved my grandpa’s house from burning down.The fire was close to his house. He had to evacuate to my new house in Santa Rosa . The firefighters fed my chickens for me at my grandpa’s house. Thank you for keeping us safe, and the chickens.

— Dayana Sandoval

I want to thank all of the firefighters for saving lots of houses during the fire and for risking their lives to save others. I am thankful for all the veterinarians who save hundreds of animals every day. I am thankful for all of the doctors who save people every second. I am thankful for people who risk their lives to save others.

— Gaby Barragan

I am thankful for firefighters because they saved my home. A firefighter named Jason personally brought his crew to my home for three days. On my property they made a fire line. A fire line is something that stops fire. At the end, I was able to go home and I got to sleep on my own bed.

Thank you, firefighters for saving my home.

— Lane Peachey

I am thankful for all the police that we have in our county. Why I’m thankful for the police is because they told us that the Kincade Fire started and we needed to evacuate. If the police didn’t tell us to evacuate, we might have been hurt by the fire. One really kind policemen even gave my parents his direct phone number if we needed help. I felt very safe especially during fires. We are so thankful that we have police, there are so many reasons that we need them.

— Lilia Valtenbergs

During the fire my family needed to evacuate. We decided to go to Lake Tahoe where there was a cabin we could stay in. But, my dad couldn’t be there because he had to drive his parents to Livermore. The drive was going smoothly until the car wouldn’t shift gears! Luckily, there was an exit right there and we got off the freeway. My mom turned off the car and tried to turn it back on, but it wouldn’t start! I am thankful for my grandma and grandpa for letting us use their car for the rest of the drive.

— Lilian Campbell

I am thankful for the firefighters who fought the Kincade Fire these past months. They are so brave to fight this fire. They saved people’s lives, too. I go to Alexander Valley School, and my school is next to Soda Rock Winery. It is so sad to see only the rock wall, boar statue, and their outside bar as the only things standing.They protected my school so the fire did not reach the campus.Thank you, firefighters!

— Natalia Arreguin

A couple weeks ago my mom took me to San Francisco. She took me there because we needed to evacuate. When I was there, my mom took me to two hotels. She worked really hard to keep me safe. When I was worried, she took me to places like the Academy of Sciences to take my mind off of the fire. I am very thankful for my mom because she always comforts me.  

— Oscar Stewart

Thank you, firefighters for saving my house. Now I have a place to rest with my family. My house is really valuable for me and my family. Thank you for working really hard and not taking any rest. You guys are really brave and I am thankful. I really honor the hard work that you are doing for the community. All of you guys are heroes!   

— Santiago Cortes

My friends Aly, Weasie, Quintin, Eli, Chase and Trent helped my family in the fires because they lent us their trailer for about five days. I am thankful for them. It had a heater, five beds, a stove, a bathroom and it was very big!

We even went in that trailer for camping a few times. I think that they were very nice to let us use that trailer and I even got to see my friends!

That’s what I’m thankful for!

-Savannah Chevalier-Welch

Letters to the Editor:

Halfway isn’t far enough

EDITOR: Climate predictions for our world in 2050 are concerning at best. The buildings and homes we construct in 2020 will be around for at least 30 years. Given the extensive research on the implications of fossil fuels, should new buildings even contain natural gas infrastructure? 

Our city leaders refuse to pass an ordinance which would require all new development to go all-electric. They are halfway there with a half measure, which is better than no measure at all. 

The city will vote on the watered-down ordinance, known as the reach code, at the city council meeting on Dec. 2. Cooking and fireplaces with natural gas, which is methane, are exempt. 

I hope you will show up, urge them to pass the ordinance before them, then take the next step and require all new development to be all-electric.

If we on the local level don’t do everything we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our children and grandchildren may well never forgive us. 

Gail Jonas


Becoming free of PG&E

EDITOR: Memo to the city council: It should be abundantly clear by now that we have no control over the acts of PG&E, the bankrupt supplier of energy to our homes. Regrettably, notwithstanding all of the ideas being put forth by various well-meaning parties to restructure this monopoly, state take-over, or convert it to a cooperative, are highly unlikely to occur soon nor into the foreseeable future. In my opinion there has to be a way for our city to have its vital energy supply sustained independent of PG&E whenever it decides to shut down. Has the city explored establishing a city-wide micro-grid that would do this?

Bill Andersen



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