Letters to the editor

 To the citizens of the Northern Sonoma County Healthcare District

EDITOR: I feel it is important to let everyone know how much Healdsburg District Hospital has done to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic. First, the emergency room is open and seeing patients and practicing excellent precautionary measures.  

Second, and perhaps most importantly, Healdsburg Physicians Group has done some amazingly proactive planning. They are doing mostly tele-health, seeing patients digitally. If someone seems quite ill, they can be seen in the office using all precautionary measures to protect both the patient and the staff. Rooms are carefully sterilized after each visit.  

Here is an amazing development: they have now become somewhat of a “drive-thru” clinic. They have eight computer tablets which they can take out into the parking lot and give to each patient in the car. Then conduct a digital interview and exam from within the clinic. They can even take vital signs. Then after the interview they clean the tablet for its next use. All of this is available by calling 707-433-3383.  

I am very proud of what our little and valuable hospital has done for our community.

David Anderson, MD


Looking at visitability

EDITOR: Such strange and unfamiliar times we are all living in these days. My heart goes out to our communities so deeply impacted by what is happening. The updates come daily, sometimes hourly, further emphasizing the changes we are all facing. I was reading in the last update about “essential” services, that construction for homes destroyed during the recent fires remain on the list of allowable work. I was grateful and relieved. When I read this I thought of a project I am involved in — Visitability. What is visitability?

Visitability is a housing movement that seeks to change home construction practices so that virtually all new homes offer a few specific features that make the home easier, safer and more convenient for all people to visit or live in.

Visitable homes feature:

1. One zero step entrance

2. Wider interior doorways on the main floor

3. A half or full bathroom on main floor that is maneuverable

One doesn’t need to be disabled to utilize these important architectural features. Those using crutches, canes, walker (recent hip surgery?) or strollers may benefit as well. As we all age, planning for our last home, or building a new one, these features can benefit all.

I know how many friends I would enjoy visiting, who are now just a few steps out of reach. Better to plan now, and what better time than as we rebuild so many homes, and as we plan for future housing.

For more information on Visitability you can visit:

• Visitability: visitability.org

• IDEA - Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access World: udeworld.com/visitability.html

• USC Home Modification: homemods.org

May we stay healthy and connected during this challenging time.

Susan Verde


To friends and family in the county

EDITOR: We are writing this letter in response to the recent negative reactions to our Asian population.

We, as Christians, unequivocally condemn and deplore racist acts and the promotion of hatred based on race and ethnicity.  People of Asian descent are essential members of our community, human beings of inherent dignity and worth. 

Fear and hatred have no place in responding to a global health crisis. We call on all people of goodwill to join us in publicly condemning language and actions that single out any group of people for discrimination. We know that every single person is connected to all the rest of creation as members of one body, and that we need each other. In this time of fear and anxiety especially, we stand united against hate, as shown in word, deed or attitude, toward our siblings who are of Asian descent, and other ethnicities that are perceived to be of Asian descent.  

Further, we particularly name, recognize and appreciate those people of Asian descent who fight against prejudice and fear in order to provide care and essential services for our communities and families. We commit to being “upstanders,” speaking up and out for all victims of hate speech and racist acts. We invite all who read this letter to join us in this important work of being an “upstander.”

Marilyn Michelon, Linda Clapp, Holly Werner, Richard Werner, Polly Lile, Louise Graddy, Jean Craig, and Conny Welch — the Council Members of the Cloverdale United Church of Christ

The Rev. Jen Collins and the Rev. Carolyn Woodson- Pastors

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