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In favor of market and pavilion

EDITOR: The team at the Raven Performing Arts Theater has been clear about one key thing over its 20-plus years of existence: We believe in bringing the community together. That’s why we strongly encourage our city council to enthusiastically accept the generous gift from the Foley Family Foundation that will enable our community to finally build the community pavilion and farmers market at the Cerri building located at 3 North St.

This project has been in the works for about a decade, with input from throughout our community via meetings and focus groups to ensure that it could serve the broadest range of our community, regardless of each individual’s demographics. The Raven’s executive director has attended most of the meetings on the topic, to provide input and insight into the many ways this building can broadly contribute to Healdsburg’s culture. While retaining the historic façade of the original Cerri building, the community pavilion will include both open and covered areas to house year-round activities that include art exhibits, local music and theater arts performances, the farmers market and a wide range of family and kid activities.

The project was unanimously approved by our city council in 2017, and the only barrier was the lack of funds. Now, thanks to the Foley offer, that barrier is removed and we can go forward with the pavilion/market at no cost to the city of Healdsburg. We believed in this project when it was a mere dream, and we continue to believe in it now that it can easily become a reality. We urge the city council to vote to accept the generous gift and begin construction.

-Raven Performing Arts Theater Board of Directors and Executive Director, Richard Norgrove, President Tom Brand, Executive Director Elise Bulger, Susan Degive, Joe  Gellura, Carol Noack, Mary Watts-Whitaker


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How will the performance space be utilized differently from the Raven?

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