Letters to the Editor

Simply the best

EDITOR: We have the best police department in Healdsburg. They went to every house in Healdsburg. We have a scanner and listened to our incredible, well-organized,dispatcher make sure the police reached every house to tell them to leave town. Thank you and well done.

Jody Wilson


Thanks for everything

EDITOR: Gratitude!

To all those men and women who put their comfort, their health, their bodies, their very lives on the line so that I could come back to my home. How much we take for granted until the moment comes when it all could be swept away in an instant.

With my most profound thankfulness and blessings to everyone of you who kept us informed, who kept us up to date, and especially those who kept us from disaster.

Barbara Medaille


Montage Resort development

EDITOR: I am a resident of Parkland Farms and abut the open space parkland that is a part of the Montage Resort. The developers of the resort do very minimal maintenance of the lands abutting Parkland Farms, that consists of mowing the weeds along the property line after the rains. As a landscape architect with 45-plus years of experience, this seems totally inadequate to prevent a major wildfire from spreading into our neighborhood. Marin County requires a vegetation management plan for any residential permit issued within the county. As far as I am aware no such plan has been developed for the Montage Resort, it should be on the forefront of the agenda prior to allowing further progress on building the resort. A fire station that is planned is great. In addition, it should be a requirement to reduce the fuel load on the wild lands surrounding the resort.

Ron Hodges


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