Lillie Dayton hit two hole-in-one shots over two games.

On July 26, Lillie Dayton was playing in the Junior PGA Tour at Fountaingrove when she shot her first hole-in-one. On Aug. 8, she was playing the Junior PGA at Bennett Valley and shot her second hole-in-one. Unbelievable it may seem, but her mother Lisa confirmed there was a group of witnesses, Lillie’s dad included, that saw both shots.

“It’s shocking for any golfer, especially for a junior golfer,” Dayton said of the shots.

Dayton is 14 years old and recently began school at Cardinal Newman. She lives in Geyserville. She currently is a member of the Healdsburg Junior Golf League and plays for the Santa Rosa Country Club Junior PGA team.

She said she’s been playing since age 6 and typically drives around 240 yards. Her average 18-hole round is in the high 80s to lower 90s.

She said one hole-in-one was off a 98-yard shot and the other was from 138 yards.

“There was a pretty big difference between them,” she said.

In the past, Dayton had shot an eagle on a par 5.

Dayton joined the Junior PGA after playing at the Santa Rosa Country Club. She said it takes a lot of practice and hard work to acheive the level she is at.

She said her favorite type of hole is a par 3.

Lisa Gallagher Dayton said she and Lillie’s father were in disbelief and overwhelmed with joy.

Dayton said her father has given her lessons as he is an avid golfer. Her mom and sister are more beginner and “it’s been a fun journey with them,” she said.

The teams she plays with are also supportive.

“The girls are really nice,” she said.

For those wanting to improve their game, Dayton has this advice:

“Don’t try to kill the ball and swing easy,” she said.

Fountaingrove golf course is located at 1525 Fountaingrove Parkway in Santa Rosa. Bennett Valley golf course is at 3330 Yulupa Ave. in Santa Rosa.

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