Elimination round

Kellen Collins (Healdsburg), Barry Liu (Windsor), Max Taylor (Fountaingrove) and Cambron Nevill (Santa Rosa Country Club) get ready to tee off in the North Bay Junior Golf League individual matches.

On Aug. 10 and Aug. 17 Windsor Golf Club hosted the North Bay Junior Golf League individual championship matches. The single elimination tournament started with 42 juniors. On Aug. 10 there were 26 matches with golfers playing two, 9-hole matches.

On Aug. 17 the top 16 played to advance to the top 8, who then played the same day. Windsor had five players in the top 16: Dillon Stefani, Barry Liu, Nick Savano, Ben Sutherland and Isais Mendoza. It was not Windsor’s day with all five losing their matches. 

This marks the end of the 2019 NBJGL season for Windsor. Next up is the Windsor Junior Tournament on Sept. 14 and 22. Windsor Golf Club will crown the 2019 Windsor Junior Champion on Sunday, Sept. 22. Past winners include 2008 Will Cinque, 2009 Patrick Steiner, 2011 Frank Euphrat, 2012-13 Max Ringrose, 2017 Carson Kalbfleisch, 2018 AJ Harmier

The top 8 matches were exciting. Alex LemMom from Oakmont defeated Kaden Thurston from Bennett Valley. Kellen Collins from Healdsburg defeated Max Taylor from Fountaingrove but needed one extra hole to do it. Griffin Quan from Bennett Valley defeated Ben Marquard from Santa Rosa Country Club. Dean LemMon from Oakmont defeated Kyler Thurston from Bennett Valley.

There was one girls match played on Aug. 10. Kelly Collins from Healdsburg defeated Roisin Averill from Windsor. Oakmont Golf club hosted the top 8 girls on Aug. 17. In the top 8 matches Shea Lee from Bennett Valley defeated Tori Leighton from Oakmont. Gabby Sinatra from Oakmont defeated Lillie Dayton from Healdsburg. Abby Leighton from Oakmont defeated Keely Collins from Healdsburg. Isay Liwang from Bennett Valley defeated Ella Foley from Fountaingrove.

There was a total of 11 girls that qualified for the NBJGL individual matches. The league hopes to have increased interest from the girls in 2020. The NBJGL gives the girls a chance to work on their game heading into the fall high school golf season.

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