Straight shooters

Winners of the recent HWGC Fitch Mountain Cup tournament gathered for a group photo. Pictured are, in no particular order, Dee Whitehall, Gaye Taylor, Kathy McCaffrey, Peggy Sabourin, Anne Friedemann, Pat Bertapelle, Peggy Decker, Emmy Cleland, Janet Bottarini, Carol Manley, Liz Thompson, Joyce Jensch and Judy Somers. Whitehall is in the second row up, left side.

The Healdsburg Women’s Golf Club (HWGC) crowned Dee Whitehall as the winner of the recent Fitch Mountain Cup Tournament.

The Cup is the club’s low net tournament and represents the best two out of three rounds of golf added together for the best cumulative low net score (gross score less course handicap is the net score). 

Whitehall scored an impressive score of 61 and 64 for a total of 125 for 36 holes of golf, an average score of 3.47 per hole. Kay Robinson and Carol Manley shared the runner up spot.

As a result of her win, Whitehall will represent HWCG as the low net winner in the Pacific Women’s Golf Tournament (PWGA) in April 2020.

Other Fitch Mountain Cup winners in their handicap flight were: first flight, Gaye Taylor, Kathy McCaffrey, Peggy Sabourin and Anne Friedemann; second flight, Pat Bertapelle, Peggy Decker, Emmy Cleland and Janet Bottarini; third flight, Carol Manley, Liz Thompson, Joyce Jensch and Judy Somers.

The HWGC meets Thursday mornings at Tayman Park and encourages all women wishing to join and meet new golfing friends.

Interested players can pick up an application at the golf course or contact Ann Turek by email at


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