Members of Girl Scout Troop 10718 collected clothing, supplies and other items to make sure every student would be able to start the school year off on the right foot. Photos provided

Girl Scout project helps all students be ready for the first day of school

Over the last eight weeks, the girl scouts from Girl Scout Troop 10718 have been working hard on making a difference in the community. On Au. 3, the troop hosted their annual "Back To School Project.” 

This project was created three years ago by the girl scouts of Troop 10718. The purpose of the project is to assist kids in need of clothes for the upcoming school year. 

Sadly more often than not, families struggle to provide school clothes, shoes, backpacks and more for their kids, and these girl scouts wanted to help. The goal each year is to provide entire outfits from head to toe to every boy and girl from Kindergarten to 12th grade. 

The mission for the project is to help give confidence to each student and start them off on the right foot to a successful school year. At the end of the event, the girl scouts helped 215 students be ready for school. 

The Back to School Project was made possible with assistance from Active 20-30 Club #50 Santa Rosa, Western Industrial, Redwood Food Bank, Oliver's Market and all the individuals who donated clothing.

Each family was given the opportunity to receive clothing, shoes, jackets, backpacks filled with supplies, dental care kits, shampoo and more. During the free shopping experience, the girl scouts handed out ice cream for all to enjoy. The scouts had the chance to meet the recipients during the event and experience the appreciation and kindness felt inside the Huerta Gym where the event was held.

"I felt happy and excited to help out others, especially giving out the free backpacks," said Adalyn Leonard, 8, a Brownie Girl Scout from Troop 10718.

"We helped a lot of kids today. I loved it," agreed Willow Tomiser, 10, one of the troop’s Junior Girl Scouts.

"Starting the back to school clothing drive has really made me realize how much of our community is in need of things like this, and how fortunate you are if you're able to afford more than others,” said Sydney parker, 13, a Cadette-level scout. “I think everyone who's lucky enough to afford more than others should learn that."

"I'm so glad to have been a part of something so rewarding as this project,” agreed Livia Huberts ,13, another Cadette. “Knowing and seeing that I helped to make a positive difference in someone's life I will always keep close to my heart."

Girl Scout Troop 10718 is a five-level Windsor-based troop. The troop is made up of 27 girls from Daisy - Senior levels (ages 6-14), and they come from 10 different schools from Windsor, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg and Sebastopol.

-Submitted by Sheila Huberts, Girl Scout Troop 10718 Leader

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