Girl Scout Troop 10718’s “Back To School” project was able to help 207 students be prepared for school by providing them with clothes, socks, shoes, dental care bags, shampoo/conditioner, backpacks and school supplies.

Last year's total for the same project was 136 students. The troop received guests from Lake County who have lost their homes from the fires, Guerneville, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Windsor, Healdsburg, Cloverdale and Petaluma. The scouts spent several weeks collecting the items for distribution; Troop 10718 has 29 members, ranging in age from five to 12.

“We want to thank all of you in the community who helped donate to this special project,” said troop leader Sheila Gonnella Huberts. “You helped us make it a big success. There were hugs, big smiles and tears of thankfulness shared at this event.”

Huberts also wanted to recognize the following donors who assisted in the project. GS Parents of Troop 10718, Active 20-30 Club of Santa Rosa #50, Active 20-30 Club of Healdsburg #205, Dr. Schettler of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County Backpack Project, Kidpik Clothing, Redwood Empire Food Bank, Principal Stearn of Windsor Creek Elementary, the Soto-Vera family and Andrea Helfer Lagourgue.

Photos by Sheila Gonnella Huberts

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