Meet Foggy River Farms

Emmett Hopkins and Lynda Browning are not your stereotypical Stanford graduates. The two 26-year-olds are writers, farmers and agricultural advocates who have a successful farm right in between Windsor and Healdsburg, an area they call "Windsburg".

Emmett is a newer face at Windsor's Farmers Market though not a new face in Windsor as he grew up in Sonoma County.

Lynda grew up in San Diego but the pair have been working the land outside of town for about two years together at Foggy River Farm on Eastside Road.

Hopkins' dad was a grape farmer so it does not come as much of a surprise when Hopkins decided he wanted to step into the farming circle. From early on he knew that he wanted to grow vegetables and after school, Hopkins toured New Zealand for farming tips and brought them back to Sonoma County.

Browning said she really likes the people at the market. A lot of the vendors will trade with each other and they can catch up with their friends at the booths. She also likes the regular customers. "We have a fair number of Windsor residents who just come every single week. Some will get the exact same thing every week and others will find whatever they feel like," Browning said.

They also feel like more effort has been put into making Windsor a community. As a result, that community spills over into the Farmers Market. Emmett and Lynda both enjoy a real sense of community at the Market both with the shoppers and the other vendors. They also like the Market's location on the Green, in view of the trees and grass and downtown shops.

Browning said she takes care of chickens, goats and sheep along with occasionally doing some freelance writing work and being the executive director at Sonoma County Farm Trails since December while Hopkins works at a non-profit publishing company, Watershed Media, in Healdsburg. He works more in the winter and less in the summer when he devotes more of his time to the farm.

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