New artwork hanging on Windsor Road, will come to Town Green in 2020

Residents driving around town may notice that some new banners have taken up residence, and if you like the designs, you can thank a local student.

During the week of Nov. 18, the Town of Windsor installed new banners along Windsor Road from Windsor River Road to Windsor High School.

These banners were designed in partnership with students at Brooks Elementary School and Cali Calmecac Language Academy (Cali), the Public Art Advisory Commission and The Design Guild, a graphic design firm out of Petaluma.

According to a statement from the town, during the spring of the 2018-19 school year, a fifth-grade classroom at Brooks Elementary School began phase one of the banner design project. Town staff visited the classroom to answer questions and help students understand the desired project outcomes.

From there the students developed survey questions which were distributed to the middle school students and local business owners. Along with basic demographics, the survey included the following questions: What do you like about Windsor? Why should people come to Windsor? What will Windsor be like in the future? What traits describe the people of Windsor? What colors represent Windsor?

According to a statement, the students then analyzed more than 500 survey responses and looked for trends and thinking patterns. The students presented their recommendations to town staff and to The Design Guild which included themes, colors and what was referred to as “big ideas.” These included Parks and Nature; Community, People and Family; Sports; Events and Activities; Restaurants, Businesses and Stores; and Education.

Town staff and The Design Guild then took these recommendations to a sixth through eighth grade art class at Cali where the students analyzed the themes, colors and the “big ideas.” The art class spent two weeks developing finished works of art that represented the “big ideas” through imagery.

These were presented to staff and The Design Guild. The artwork was then scanned digitally and incorporated into a cohesive design scheme by The Design Guild. The banners went through an extensive review process by the Public Art Advisory Commission and town council.

There are six banners in total, reflecting these ideals, with one side in English and the other in Spanish. The final designs are meant to reflect what Windsor is and can be through the eyes of Windsor students.

The student artists for each banner are “Learning / aprendiendo” – Selena Ramos, “Parks / parques” – Selena Ramos, “Nature / naturaleza” – Dalia Guzman, “Community / comunidad” – Victoria Plaza, “Caring / afectuoso” – Raquel Garcia and “Well-being / bien estar” – Dither Ochoa.

In addition to the light poles along Windsor Road, 22 additional banners will be placed surrounding the Town Green in January 2020. These will replace the pennants which hang on the light poles from November to January.

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