School Closures

In a statement released by the Windsor Unified School District on Oct. 30, it was announced that students would return to class on Tuesday, Nov. 5 and district employees would have a community work day on Monday Nov. 4. However, on Nov. 1, the district announced the opening plans would have to be pushed back until Thursday, Nov. 7.

The following letter was posted the WUSD Facebook page on Nov. 1.

"Hello Windsor Unified School District Families and Staff Members,

We hope that you are returning safely to your homes and positively readjusting from the recent Kincade Fire. As you may be experiencing, it has taken time to get power and gas restored to our community. Our schools are included. Also, we must make sure that all of our schools are completely cleaned, inspected, and certified to safely return staff and students to them. 

Due to the time it will take to clean, inspect, and certify our schools, we will not be able to open as planned. We have been notified that we may be certified by Tuesday and can bring all staff back on Wednesday to fully prepare for the return of our students. Therefore, all schools are planning to re-open for students on Thursday, November 7. All employees are to check their emails for detailed information.

We will continue to monitor school facility and air quality conditions. If conditions change, we will provide updates to you as soon as reasonably possible.

Please know that your (and your family's) safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us. Be safe and take care as you return to your homes. We will get through this as a community. Thank you for your patience."

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