Windsor High School seniors Vince Valdez, Shane Morgan and Alexander Lee are looking forward to graduating high school this June and moving joining United States Military Academies. Valdez will join the United States Air Force; Morgan, West Point Military Academy; and Lee, the United States Naval Academy.

Students will attend Army, Navy and Air Force institutions

The United States Military Academy, Naval Academy and Air Force Academy have accepted new members from Windsor High School to join their forces this summer.

Exceptional academic students and community volunteers Alexander Lee, Shane Morgan and Vince Valdez will enjoy only 20 days of summer after high school graduation this June before moving to their respective posts in the United States Military Academies.

“It is pretty exceptional to have three boys from the same school, each going into a different service,” said American Legion Post Adjutant Bud Simmons who met the boys last year during the youth program ‘Boys State.’

The American Legion Boys State Program sends high school junior boys from across the country to Sacramento for a week long camp that teaches government skills including operating local and state government.

“There are two things that a youth can put on their resume other than their academic qualifications, if they put Boys State or Eagle Scout on their submission they get a little bit of extraordinary attention,” said Simmons.

All three Windsor High students were able to use the Boys State experience on their resume along with grade point averages well above a 4.0 and service experience within the community and on the school campus.

Both Lee and Valdez said their interest in applying to serve their country came from a line of family member tradition whereas Morgan said he found out about West Point Military Academy through a neighbor.

“I applied to West Point for three reasons, first off I want to the top tier education, secondly I want to serve my country and finally I want the leadership experience,” said Morgan.

Morgan is 17-years old and the senior class president at Windsor High School. Along with his 4.67 GPA he plays football, wrestles, plays basketball and is a member of several campus clubs. He will join West Point Military Academy and hopes to study for a career in the military.

18-year old Valdez said that military service has always been a big part of his family, his brother is serving in the Navy and both his grandfather and great-grandfather also served.

“I have always been around military people and it seemed like a great opportunity for me and I find it meaningful,” said Valdez.

Valdez is the Varsity Football Captain and also plays basketball, runs track and swims. His favorite subject is forensics and he holds a 4.48 GPA. He is also involved with campus clubs and community volunteer work.

“I applied to the academy because I believe there is a higher purpose in serving our country, one that cannot be found anywhere else,” Valdez said.

At the end of June, Valdez will move to Colorado Springs to join the Air Force Academy and is striving to be a pilot.

“I have always wanted to be a naval aviator and fly jets,” said 17-year old Lee. “My dad was in the navy and I have always thought that flying jets is the coolest job in the world.”

Lee has volunteered his time to Habitat for Humanity and was involved with student council while at WHS. He holds a 4.5 GPA and likes physics. Lee also wrestles and is WHS wrestling team captain

“Our efforts are certainly justified as three of our Boys State Delegates from last year at Windsor High School have received appointments,” said Simmons in an email to his American Legion Post.

“I like to see youth get pointed in the right direction,” Simmons said.



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