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Sonoma West Publishers is looking to build more community engagement in our newspapers.

We don’t want to just tell you the news, we want to expand the conversation so that more ideas, viewpoints and data are shared to create a better, more informed community.

We have several ways you can join the conversation.

First, you can submit calendar items and press releases to and go online to each of our four websites and submit calendar events there. If you have an upcoming event or program you want to bring attention to, this is the best way to spread the word. Events submitted should be available to the general public. You can also submit photos of recent events with relevant details to the same email.

Second, you can weigh in on what’s happening around town by submitting letters to the editor. This can be done either on our website, or by submitting an email to one of our editors. If you’re old school, you can send a hard copy letter to our office in Healdsburg at 230 Center St. Please ensure that handwritten letters are legible. Letters are limited to 400 words. For both letters and press releases, we ask you provide your name. For letters, we ask you also include your town of residence.

Third, you can be part of our newsgathering by using our SoCurious feature. SoCurious helps us create a “reader-powered newsroom” by allowing you to tell us what you are interested in, and we’d love to hear more from you. Submit a story idea or news question through our website portal, and we will work with you to find the answers. While we look at topics ranging from homelessness to the environment, there may be a certain piece of the puzzle you are curious about. We appreciate specific questions that illuminate a different part of our area’s story. Maybe you’re curious about a change in the downtown business scene, maybe it’s a question about the finances of a nonprofit. Whatever your question, the more detailed it can be, the better place we have to start finding answers.

We hope you take the time to share what’s important to you. We believe that through this engagement, we can continue to create newspapers that are one of the cornerstones of our towns. 

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