Windsor coming off tremendous 2019-20 campaign 

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic threw high school sports routines into a tailspin this year, with strict county health guidelines in place since March.

Although winter sports seasons were completed before schools were shut down, many teams were forced to postpone or cancel annual awards banquets that are normally held following the season. That was the case for the league champion Windsor High School girls wrestling team in a year that it had much to celebrate. 

“We originally had a date set in April or May at the Grange and we even set it back another date due to the coronavirus,” Jags coach Rich Dixon said. 

Last week, the team handed out awards at an outdoor ceremony held on the Town Green, honoring its athletes while maintaining social distancing protocol.    

“My thought was to set up a table at the Green and set appointment times for each kid,” Dixon said. “Keep things separated, social distance, wear a mask and allow them to have their own special moment of recognition.”

The Lady Jags are coming off their most successful season ever, capturing the North Bay League pennant while qualifying two wrestlers to the prestigious CIF State Championship tournament. 

“As a team, the girls and coaches did a terrific job on keeping the positive momentum throughout the wrestling season,” Dixon reflected, while acknowledging the support of WHS Athletic Director Jamie Williams, Pete Sullivan, Principle Dr. Collins, school board member Rich Carnation and assistant coaches Perez Perez, Fred Ayers and Kim Carrillo. “We should all be very proud of our 2020 season and should all be looking forward to our spring season of 2021. People have no idea that it takes the community to build something great. It might start as an idea, but we all need the support to make the dream a reality.”  

The following is the list of awards:

2020 WHS Girls Wrestling

Goddess of the Year:

Ellery Charleton 


Team Captains:

Maxine DeMars

Arianna Dixon


Outstanding Wrestler:

Carmen Perez


Most Inspirational:

Savannah Burger

Vannesa Anderson


Most Improved:

Jolette Torres

Destinee Groves



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