Sonoma West Times & News switched to an all-online format a few weeks ago, but many of our subscribers don't have an online user account. Or if they do, they haven't linked it up to their subscriber account.

If this describes you, we urge you to set up your online user account and link it to your subscriber account so our computer system will recognize you as a paid subscriber and let you in. 

There are 3 simple steps:

STEP 1) Create a online user account.  Click on and fill out the form.  (If you already have a user account, just proceed to Step 2.)

STEP 2) Log in using your online user account username and password. (The login button is at the top right hand corner of the website.)

STEP 3) Link your online user account to your subscription number. For this step you'll need your subscription number. (It's on your bill or, if you dig up an old print copy, it's on the mailing label - top right corner, second number from the top.) Can't find it? Call Cherie at 707-433-4451 or email her at and she'll give it to you. 

Once you've got your subscriber number, go here: 

On that page, go to the third box down —  the one that says "Online access for print subscribers." Click on "Get Started." Don't lose heart, you're almost done.

A small pop-up will appear asking for your subscriber number and your LAST NAME in ALL CAPS. Enter those then click the Claim button.

You're all done. Happy reading!

If you have any problems — or if you just want us to do this for you — call Cherie at 707-433-4451 or email her at

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It would be convenient if you included a link for us subscribers to sign in with on the daily Headline News email.

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