Guerneville is one of my favorite ‘escapes’ in Sonoma County – close to Armstrong Woods and the Russian river, it always feels like there’s no possible way to be too stressed when surrounded by nature on all sides.

Because the Russian river was historically known as a vacation destination, there are a number of cottages and cabins tucked away; some closer to the river and some deeper in the forest.

It still seems like an area that many would buy real estate in as an escape, but I know there are long-time and permanent residents who love to call Guerneville home. This house looks like a blending of the idea of home and vacation – it’s set among the trees with a yard that’s clearly being used as a place for relaxation, while the interior has all the modern conveniences (8 burner Wolf range, deep laundry area, wine cellar) that someone would want in their full-time home. 

If you’re looking for a home that will allow you to ‘get away from it all,’ this may fit the bill. If you want to escape to the woods, take a look…

3 beds, 2 baths. 


Yard. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

The yard looks like it’s used as much as the inside of the house as a place to spend time. This seating area looks up towards a large Buddha meditation temple, which could be used or just serve as a point of interest in the terrace.


Hammock. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

Speaking of relaxation; there’s a hammock under the trees to unwind and read a book, or nap if you’re so inclined.


Living room. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

Entering the house, the theme is still wood, carrying the feeling of the outdoors to the inside.


Bathroom. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

The bathroom attached to the downstairs bedroom is on the backside of the fireplace, creating a rustic look to accompany a decadent jetted soaking tub.


Staircase. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

This house has a second story, where the master bedroom and formal dining area can be found


Staircase. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

Even the stairwell is created to be aesthetically pleasing.


Dining room. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

Heading upstairs, this formal dining area is spacious, with the windows giving the space plenty of natural lighting. Notice the speaker mounted to the ceiling, making this a prime area for entertaining guests.


Master bedroom. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

I’ve written about homes that have million+ asking prices, and the entry to this bedroom wouldn’t look out of place in any of them. The track lighting and French doors are a plus.


Wine cellar. (Photo: HomeSmart - Millar & Company)

Heading back downstairs, you’ll find the wine cellar. This being wine country, it’s a must to have.

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