Exterior. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

If you own classic cars, you more than likely know how to work on them, too. It’s a must to have the basics down — at the very least — because anything earlier than the 1960s is going to have a hiccup or two at the most inopportune times. Knowing how to successfully push start a vehicle and having an extra set of tools in the trunk is a necessity.

This dedication to the maintenance of an auto generally means that other decisions, including what house to buy, are given consideration based on which car and how many of them.

Luckily, when looking for a new home, it's easy to spot the ones that have been occupied by individuals with the same sensibilities. This Sebastopol home has everything a homebuyer would want in the area — stunning views of nature, privacy, rustic charm in the design with modern upgrades — and a really sizable garage. Not just any garage, but a mechanics dream come true with a sealed floor, heater, workstation and an attached storeroom.

Whether you have a classic car or just enjoy detailing a newer one, this could be the home you're looking for. Buckle up and take a look ...

1651 Furlong Road, Sebastopol – $985,000 - 3 beds, 3 baths, 1,900 square feet. Year built: 1986. 


Country lane. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

For those seeking privacy, it doesn't get much better than this private country lane that leads to the house.


Front porch. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

The front porch offers a place to sit and relax while looking at the forest that surrounds the home.


Living room. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

Entering through the front, the living room features cathedral ceilings and large custom windows that help break down the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Dining room. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

The open floor plan means that the casual dining area and kitchen are directly across from the living room area.


Laundry room. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

We’re still waiting to see the fabled garage, but this laundry room gives a hint that most of the house is ready to tackle anything a mechanic may need taken care of – from greasy clothing to somewhere to put tools down.


Bathroom. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

Unless a bathroom features something truly decadent – like a marble spa or sauna – I usually skip it (really, no one wants to see a toilet). But in the spirit of highlighting how someone who’s into wrenching on cars may prefer this home, this bathroom with the linoleum floor and tile counter are easy to clean no matter how greasy the towels may be.


Master bedroom. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

The cathedral ceilings are carried on into the master bedroom, helping keep the rustic look while the recessed lighting and modern wall sconces lend a more contemporary feel.


Garage. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

At last, the garage.


Garage. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

Though described as a three-car garage in the listing, when looking at it from this angle you can see that there’s room for a quantity of projects – motorcycles, mopeds, even a small boat if you’re so inclined.


Garage workspace. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

Speaking of extra room – dedicated technicians know that this workbench is a necessity.


Garage storage. (Photo: Terra Firma Global Partners)

Let’s face it, when you have a couple of project vehicles, parts add up quickly. This storage space keeps them from cluttering up the workspace, while also keeping them out of sight when you need to focus on the project at hand.

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