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Sebastopol is a small town with a lot of imagination. The love for all things creative can often be seen in the architecture, especially when it comes to single-family homes. It’s often not just about the house, it’s usually also about how it interacts with the nature around it and what the acreage is being used for.

This quasi-dome-like house is a great example of artistry blending with the surroundings. The organic, rounded shape brings to mind the surrounding mountains and hillside it’s perched on. The inherent artistry of this home makes it a good space for a family who’s not afraid to live in a manner that’s not entirely cookie-cutter. In Sebastopol, this is normal.

 To really get a feeling for what it would be like living here as part of daily life, take a look at the interior and how the walls have been shaped to follow the lines of the outside – it’s a unique house inside and out.

2035 Blucher Valley Rd, Sebastopol. - $1,195,000

3 beds, 3 baths, 3,708 square feet. Year built: 1978


Exterior. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

Just from the exterior layout, you can tell this house is different. Besides the rounded shape, the entry is on the second floor as a result of working with the slope of the hill.


Rear view. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

The ‘rear’ side of the home is level with the hill, creating a spacious ‘backyard’ surrounded by nature on all sides.


Living room. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

Here’s the living room, which we saw the entrance to from the rear of the house. No 90 degree corner in sight. The custom sliding doors and windows help keep the interior spacious and airy-feeling. 


Living room. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

This is the living room from another vantage point.


Dining area and kitchen. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

Following the curve of he downstairs brings us to the kitchen/dining area. There’s less of an open feel, but it’s wonderfully cozy for a family dinner or casual get-together.


Kitchen. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

The kitchen hasn’t appeared to have changed since 1978, but it’s perfectly functional and likely easy to clean. All plusses.


Guest room. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

This guest room is found on the ground floor, and offers access to the outside area through a set of sliding glass doors.


Master bedroom. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

Heading upstairs, we find the private master suite. Though it doesn’t feel as open as the downstairs, it’s still spacious enough to avoid being claustrophobic. You can also get a good feel for how the roof is constructed by looking at the seams on the ceiling.


Master bedroom. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

Another view of the master suite.


Garden. (Image via Century 21 NorthBay Alliance)

Heading back outside, there’s a view of part of the expansive garden around the home. Anyone who enjoys fresh vegetables will not be disappointed.

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