exterior.jpg (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

When most buyers are in the market for a new home they may be looking for something special – even if it’s something that may not be particularly out of the ordinary, like a wine cellar or swimming pool.

But this newly listed house in Guerneville takes the idea of unique and goes one step further … it’s home to a miniature golf course.

Well known in the area as the Pee Wee Golf & Arcade, this single family home gives the homebuyer the chance to run a small business that’s already well known in the area, or choose to do something completely different with it.

This could be the chance for a homeowner to not only have a built-in business (if that’s what they’re looking for), a homebuyer who’s not interested in the business aspect may be interested in this house due to the fact that the yard is always ready for an epic party.

Personally, I’d love to own this house just for the excuse to throw parties. For a family with young kids – or even teenagers – this house provides a permanent birthday party destination. No need to worry about asking for a mulligan; with a yard like this your parties would consistently score a birdie. Putt around to see if this house is a hole-in-one … 

16155 Drake Rd, Guerneville – $695,000 - 4 beds 2 baths 1,954 square feet.Year built: 1948/1997.


Home exterior. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

From this angle the business signs and arcade room are clearly visible. While they add an element of fun, a homeowner who doesn’t plan on running the business may want to take them down to avoid random visitors.


Upper deck. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

Heading up to the main house, you can see an expansive view of the forest beyond.


Living room. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

Going into the house, the living room is remarkably staid for a home that has a mini-golf course out back.


Kitchen. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

The kitchen has been recently updated, with new cupboards and granite countertops.


Master bedroom. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

This master bedroom is roomy and comfortable looking. But this isn’t the reason anyone wants to come here … let’s check out the mini-golf …


Backyard. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

Here’s an overview of the mini-golf course.


Backyard. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

When it comes to custom gates, it’s doubtful you’ll find anyone who can beat this twisted oak tree.


 Backyard. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

Going out into the course, you’ll find enormous coiled snakes, a giant kangaroo, and a rocket ship … just for starters.


Backyard. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

My favorite, bar none, is this purple dinosaur hiding under some very prehistoric looking trees.


Backyard. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

Of course, while this mini-golf set up has, so far, been par for the course (excuse the pun) we can’t have an example of artistry without at least one home that showcases some of the artistry we expect to find in Guerneville. I’m not entirely certain, but it would seem to be a carnival barker doing yoga while supporting the sun with his feet.


Arcade/snack bar. (Photo: Sequoia Properties)

Almost overlooked is this arcade room, which for a private homeowner would make a wonderful media room or even a second living room/lounge area.    

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