176 Woodland Dr, Guerneville (Photo: Pacific Union International)

When I think of homes built in California during the 1940s, I think of Mid-Century modern and clean, simplistic lines. This home in the redwoods isn’t what I would think of, but the interior has been updated to reflect the Mid-Century aesthetic, while the views from the deck are as rustic and natural as you can get outside of Yosemite.

Besides the close proximity to downtown Guerneville, it’s a quick drive (or long walk) to the Russian River, with a steep backyard that’s prime for adding a terrace garden.

It looks like this home is the best of both worlds: a stunning scenic setting with all the modern comforts. If you’ve wanted to live closer to the Russian river without giving up modern comforts, this may be the right house for you. Take a look...

14176 Woodland Dr, Guerneville - $725,000 - 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,607 square feet. Year built: 1940. 


Exterior in the evening. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

The main entry to this two story house is on the upper floor, giving the homeowner a clear view of the surrounding hills.


Entry, living room. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

Walking into the home on the second floor, you’re welcomed into an open floor plan with plenty of natural light. One of my favorite updates for any home is recessed lighting, which has been done throughout.


Kitchen. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

The kitchen’s updated with newer tiles and lighting.


Dining area. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

The dining area is casual, placed next to the kitchen and overlooking the living room.


Living room. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

You can enter the house and take a seat in the living room, or continue outside to relax on the deck if you’d rather enjoy the views.


Deck. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

Of course, if it’s an especially beautiful day, you may want to take your lunch outside to enjoy the sunlight.


Master bedroom. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

Located on the lower level, the master bedroom isn’t lacking views, and has a set of large folding doors to break the barrier between the interior and exterior. 


Downstairs patio. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

This is the patio you’d be able to go out on if you were staying in the master bedroom. 


Fishing the Russian river. (Photo: Pacific Union International)

As nice as the house is, the Russian river is a five-minute drive away (give or take a couple of minutes) and will likely be where the homeowner will want to spend most of their time in the summer.

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