MC Carolyn

M.C. Carolyn is pictured next to "The Big Red Candy Apple" in 2014 before it was moved to the library.

This Reveille’s Sculpture Spotlight is on M.C. Carolyn of Healdsburg. Cloverdale first enjoyed M. C.’s  “The Big Red Candy Apple” in the 2014-15 Sculpture Trail. In 2017, Carolyn donated “The Apple” to the city of Cloverdale much to the pleasure of the community. “The Apple” is now located in front of the library to be enjoyed by visitors to the library as well as passersby.

Carolyn described the sculpture: “This sculpture as a combination of my visual statement about the joy of seeing the world’s largest candy apple, and the choice of the shape of a Gravenstein apple.  This variety of apple produces fruit that is round and delicious.  What could be more appealing to the eye as true ‘eye candy’?”

“The Apple” sits atop a marble stone base. The base is an unusually rare find and provides a contrasting texture to the smooth candy apple. This travertine stone was chosen by Carolyn for its warm red-hued earth colors, crystals and a wide variety of textures. The sculpture weights 4,000 pounds with most of the weight in the base.  

Carolyn explains her work; “Through years of working with stone and other materials to make figurative, functional or informative works, I have always strived to create art that is unusual.  If it is a figure it will go beyond a body casting and visually talk of the human condition.  As a functional public art seat/bench, for instance, I will incorporate energies, memories of the person/institution/environment that commissioned the work.  By inventing a sculptural medium using commercial construction foam & water based two-part epoxies, covered by enduring acrylic auto paints, I have added a large possibility for creations.”

For more information on the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail, a unique sculpture exhibit in Cloverdale visit

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