PIGASUS — Michael Seymour’s Pigasus sculpture emerged out of laying lines of steel.

Michael Seymour from Santa Rosa creates his sculptures out of steel.

According to the artist, “Steel sculpture is a paradox. It yields under heat and hammer almost fluid, yet incredibly unforgiving when cold. Its creation becomes a deliberate and conscience decision.”

The sculpture, “Pigasus,” was created much like a line drawing, only three dimensional with an addition of steel line after line until a form begins to appear. The repetition of heavy welded wire rod creates dimension and value, yet yields an ethereal quality until the form of “Pigasus” emerges. The legs and wings thrusting back were intended to give a dynamic movement to the piece. The mounting is intended to give “Pigasus” the feeling of lifting off. “Pigasus”, is 42 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 48 inches deep, and is located in front of the Kelley & Young Wine Tasting Room at 119 S. Cloverdale Blvd.  Kelley & Young have purchased “Pigasus” and is now a permanent sculpture in the Trail.

Michael explains his sculpture, “Pigasus is my interpretation of the quote ‘if pigs could fly.’ It is a fanciful happy pig flying to unknown destinations. It is my hope all viewers enjoy and smile when they experience this piece.”

Take the Otocast’s audio self-guided tour of the Sculpture Trail to learn more about the Michael Seymour and “Pigasus.” The fun part of the tour is listening to Michael Seymour talk about “Pigasus”. Download the free Otocast app at Google Play or the Apple App Store and enjoy listening to all of the exhibiting sculptors. 

For more information on the Sculpture Trail, a unique sculpture exhibit in Cloverdale, visit www.cloverdalesculpturetrail.org.

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