Phiillip Lynch peace prayer

Phillip Lynch is exhibiting “Peace Prayer” in the 2020-22 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail.

According to Lynch, “My art is large-scale kinetic sculpture that features a single original art image on hundreds of individually suspended aluminum tiles.”

“Peace Prayer” began as an original, digitally rendered work. The image was then fused onto aluminum tiles through the process of dye sublimation. Dye sublimation uses heat and pressure to force the dye into the surface of the tile. The dye sublimation process is responsible for the brilliant depth of color.

Around the figures in the sculpture is a Peace Prayer. The text of the prayer follows:

Promises are only valuable if they are kept. Today I promise to try (yes I know Yoda said that there is no try, only do, but I expect that this is going to take some practice) so, today I promise to try and maintain a consciousness of peace. I will try to walk the walk of the Mahatma. I will keep my mind free of any thoughts that could ever be construed as harmful or hurtful to anyone or anything. And that goes for everything, two legged, the four legged, the creepy crawlies, the finned ones, and the winged ones. I mean, I am not only going to be kind with my actions, I am also going to be kind in my thinking. It’s the thinking that will be the hardest (I better not drive or even ride in a car until I’ve had a little practice with this). Gandhi said that I should be the change that I wish to see in the world. Well, for me that would be peace. If we are all truly one (forget religion, even science is saying that is true now, hmmmm ... ). So if we are truly one, then being peaceful is the only way we can all ever truly be happy. I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. That’s another thing the Mahatma said. Today I am going to clean up all those muddy footprints from all the dirty shoes that have been tramping through my mind. Anyone who wants to gently pass through my mind will have to take their shoes off or at least put on a pair of those little blue disposable booties like they give you at the open house. I will live in a peaceful world and experience the life I was meant to live. In my mind, I can already see it as my reality. So I know that it will certainly come to be.

“Peace Prayer” is composed of steel, dye sublimated aluminum. The sculpture is located in the Farmers Market garden on Cloverdale Boulevard between E. 2nd Street and 3rd Street. This unique piece is sponsored by the Erickson Fine Art Gallery in Healdsburg.

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