Washington School

To help celebrate Cloverdale's local students, we'd like to recognize all of the kids from Washington Middle School who were named Student of the Month and Eagle Award Winner for the second quarter, which covers November, December and January.

The list was sent in by Washington Principal Mark Lucchetti. 

Fifth Grade Students of the Month

Tayson Caturgeli

Bayleigh Wilson

Mya McCutcheon

Camryn Bird

Farrah Fayter.jpg

Fifth grade Eagle Award Winner Farrah Fayter

Eric Mendoza

Valeria Ruiz

Lilly Farrer


Sixth Grade Students of the Month

Sawyer Esquivel

Samuel Fincher

Cheyenne McLennon

Emily Alonso

Brianna Pedroni

Taylor Selberg

Raquel Victoriano

Victor Gonzalez

Mathew Jones

William Wilson Wedge

Maria Vasquez

Seventh Grade Students of the Month

Stephanie Aguirre

Aaron Liddell

Reece Llapitan

Jeidy Pulido

Sebastian Jauregui

Shya Cordova

Evan Hieserich

Seraphina Palmer

Angelina Vanoni

Fatima Contreras

Hayden White

Sierra Reis

Leslie Olivares


Eighth Grade Students of the Month

Joe Bernardi

Victoria Alonso

Alina Chavez

Chris Botello

Damian Guerrero

Daniel Cibrian.jpg

Eighth grade Eagle Award winner Daniel Cibrian

Daniela Garcia

Amara Galvan

Logan Glasson

Cynthia Hernandez

Eagle Award Winners

Fifth Grade – Farrah Fayter, Sofia Bernal

Sixth Grade – Abigail Davidson

Rowan Angeli.jpg

Eighth grade Eagle Award winner Rowan Angeli

Seventh Grade -Kylee Vlasak

Eighth Grade – Daniel Cibrian, Rowan Angeli

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