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February 29, 1884 – 137 years ago

Living on the Cars (railroad). There is a distinct railroad population that is constantly growing. It is composed of commercial travelers, lecturers, show agents, actors and actresses. They eat more meals in rail cars and railroad meal stations than they do a home or in hotels. They spend more nights in sleeping-car bunks than in beds. To a person who travels only occasionally, it is interesting to note how thoroughly equipped these professional journeyers are. These professional journeyers travel with slippers, traveling caps and smoking jackets for the evening. In the morning they are prepared with traveling kits with toothbrushes, combs and a soap box. The occasional traveler does not travel with comfort items or feel at home on the cars.

  From the column “Local Items”:

  • The Big Rock School has not as yet secured a teacher.
  • An unusual thing for this place was fog yesterday morning.
  • Our Cloverdale brewery has a bottling establishment in Ukiah.
  • Several of our town boys caught a large number of trout this week.
  • All of the streams have receded sufficiently to allow fording by teams.
  • The growing grain in Oat Valley looks beautiful and is coming up very rapidly.
  • Eggs have taken a drop of ten cents this week. They now bring 25 cents in San Francisco.

March 3, 1960 – 61 years ago

A plant of 400,000 rainbow trout fingerlings is scheduled for Lake Mendocino within the next two weeks. Additional fingerlings are slated for stocking in the East Branch of the Russian River above the reservoir. The Lake Mendocino plant will bring to over a million, the number of trout fingerlings that have been stocked there since December 1957 when the first plant of 130,000 rainbows went into the streams above the dam site. No kokanee salmon plant has been scheduled for this year, as no stock has been available.

March 6, 1985 – 36 years ago

Is there water? Are there ramps? Is there fish? What’s the time table? You probably have questions of your own about Warm Springs Dam, so bring them along to the regular meeting of the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce. The featured speaker, with slides, maps and answers to questions, is an engineer from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The City of Ukiah is being forced by state water quality officials to initiate preventive measures to avoid discharging illegally high concentrations of treated sewage into the Russian River, which would threaten the water systems serving thousands of downstream users, including Cloverdale.

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