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January 22, 1910 – 111 years ago

Last week the directors of the Cloverdale Citrus Fair Association extended an invitation to Gov. James N. Gillett to deliver the opening and dedicatory address at the 18th Annual Citrus Fair. Word was received from Gov. Gillett that he would be pleased to accept the invitation. The association this week placed an order for a quantity of buttons to be sold at a minimum price to be used to “boost” the Fair. It is expected many will wear them and thus assist in keeping the big, annual event prominently before the people.

There was a fair attendance of fruit growers at the meeting held in Cloverdale Wednesday. Horticultural Commissioners arrived on the morning train and conferred with leading growers on the matter of spraying. At the meeting the spraying of fruit trees was discussed and without a dissenting vote of those present it appears all growers will spray. It is believed the orchards of this vicinity will receive a thorough cleaning without invoking a compulsory law.

January 21, 1960 – 61 years ago

From “Off The Editor’s Hook”: Cloverdale City Council is about to launch an ambitious project — annexation of large tracts, inhabited and uninhabited, from City Park to Porterfield Creek on the West side of 101 Highway, and scattered tracts from just north of Tarman Park to Hillview. The present map of Cloverdale is certainly a jig-saw. There are vineyards, which are not incorporated in the city limits. There are stretches of land lying along Highway 101 not in the city, bordered by tracts that are in the city. Cloverdale is also plagued by dead end streets, which have greatly complicated the traffic problem. If the council’s plan for annexation goes through it will greatly aid in city planning and bring order out of a chaotic condition, which now exists. Many of the proposed sites to be annexed are suitable for subdivisions. Cloverdale could use more low cost housing. We think that if the proposed annexation is accomplished, it should stimulate house construction here.

January 23, 1985 – 36 years ago

Martin Luther King’s birthday was this past week, so we asked some Jefferson School students who he was. First grade students had these comments:

  • Mark – he was the man who got shot.
  • Andy – he was president of the world.
  • Jessica – he wrote the laws for the world.
  • Darren – he was a good singer.
  • Daniell – he freed the black people from bad white people.
  • Ryan – he was special because he was black.

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How wonderful! All the children's comments about Dr. King were positive and polite...

See..there is hope...

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