April 7, 1884 – 137 years ago

Epitome of Local Events: Cloverdale & Vicinity Caught on Pencil’s Point. Personal Allusion in Pointed Paragraphs, Comment, Counsel & Conjecture. Something for Everybody:

  • If you want violin strings, which are durable, you can get them at P. O. Stationary Store.
  • Lyons’ Orchestra will give a social dance at Union Hall on Friday next. Tickets 50cents per couple.
  • There will be an “Old Folks” Temperance Mass Meeting at the M. E. Church next Sunday evening. The program will consist of speeches, essays, songs, etc. from the members of the different churches. All are invited to attend.
  • We are under obligations to Mrs. E. Preston for a box of delicious oranges grown on Oak Mountain. They are sweet and as good as any ever eaten.

April 7, 1960 – 61 years ago

Representatives of at least 12 local organizations agreed at a public meeting, sponsored by the Congregational Couples Club, on three major points in their discussion of the quality of motion pictures shown here. A committee will meet with the owner of the Blair Theatre to eliminate the more objectionable parts of previews shown during Children’s matinees. Another committee will make available to youth groups a list of recommended pictures. People present at the meeting concurred that the motion picture problem is a reflection of the broad problem of American morality today, which also affects television, advertising, literature and comic books. Often a theater owner must contract for movies he doesn’t want in order to receive those he wants to run. Also, owners must agree to show previews of each movie at least seven days prior to its run. Mr. Blair of Blair Theatre will cooperate with the appointed committee, as best he can, within the framework of his distributors rules.

April 10, 1985 – 36 years ago

The Cloverdale Lions Club presented the Chamber of Commerce a $500 check. The money will go toward the purchase of redwood frames that will hold the new Cloverdale welcome signs to be situated at the north and south ends of town. Several other local clubs also donated money to the signs.

The Sonoma County Pork Producers are looking for girls between the ages of 16-19 years of age to represent them as their pork queen. The requirements are that you currently raise hogs, have a well-rounded general knowledge of swine and enjoy meeting the public. If you are interested in this competition, please send to the pork producers your name, address, telephone number, a current picture, along with a list of any and all swine and swine-related work you have done.

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