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 January 8, 1910 – 111 years ago

It is a matter of widespread note that the consumption of our native wines has been increasing at a rapid rate. The sale of American wines has almost doubled during the last ten year. The greatest consumption of wines today is at the table with the daily meal. The time to drink wine is during eating, and not between meals. The place to drink is at the table, and sensible people are no more likely to over drink than to overeat in their own home.

This evening a popular moving picture entertainment will be given at Humbert’s Opera House. This is not a short one-hour show, but will occupy two and one-half hours, a program of nine pictures or six reels being given, as follows: In Old Kentucky, a story of the Civil War. The Drunkard’s Fate, a temperance play. Hansel and Gretel, Grimm’s fairy tale. Whitley’s Witless Wanderings, a comedy. The Winning Boat, dramatic. Snake Skin Industry in Java, educational. Winning a Widow, comedy. Mrs. Jones’ Birthday, comedy. A Woman’s Intrigue, hand colored. Theses are all new pictures and the machine is the best money can buy. Admission, 20¢; children under 10 years, 10¢.

January 7, 1960 – 61 years ago

Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce has three sites in the area under consideration for an airport.

Notices will be sent out to Cloverdale property owners to repair faulty sidewalks. A survey of the city’s sidewalks will be made and the property owners will be notified to fix them if there are holes or other faults. It was pointed out that the City is liable if a person is injured on a faulty sidewalk. This liability to the city does not apply if the property owner has received notice to repair the sidewalk.

January 9, 1985 – 36 years ago

Lake Sonoma Resort Area has announced that 100 to 250 slips will be available for use at the Sonoma Lake Marina by May 1985. Slips and 70 RV spaces will be available on a first-come-service basis. The marina may be open in time for the Memorial Day weekend, but its opening depends on how fast the lake arises. The marina will include a floating platform, a deli-type restaurant, office, gas docks, bait and tackle shop, water-ski school, and rowing club. Paddle boats, sailboats and fishing boats will be available to rent.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will not permit seaplane use at Lake Sonoma. The Dry Creek Critical Habitat Zone has been established in coordination with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect the endangered peregrine falcon. The peregrine’s territorial nature and tendency to initiate defense fights against flying intruders, including aircraft. This is the primary reason for the Corps’ decision to close the lake to seaplane use.

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