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PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS! YOU MUST HAVE AN ENDORSED DOCUMENT FROM THE COUNTY CLERK. Make sure your document has the File Number in the upper right hand corner and also the name of the clerk who filed it. This is important to have for the legality of your printed material. If your document does not have this, STOP! Do not continue until you have it. It is required that you publish 4 times in ONE paper (not in different papers). AND, YES, WE SEND THE PROOF OF PUBLICATION TO THE COUNTY CLERK AFTER THE 4-WEEK RUN. YES, YOUR FEE HERE COVERS THE ENTIRE 4-WEEK RUN. Sorry, we do NOT take AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER (it will not work if you try). If you need any help or have any questions, please DO NOT CONTACT OUR EDITORIAL STAFF; they are very busy people and do not deal with legal notices. Instead contact JIM in the legal notice department at: (or call 707-433-4451, please use ext. 213). He will be more than happy to help you.

FIRST: Deadline is Friday at noon for the following Thursday publication. Check the filing date on your document in the upper right hand corner. Check the next Thursday date you can start running with us and go out the next 3 Thursdays. The County Clerk has a strict policy of its deadline to publish within 30 days after your filing date so make sure you are within that window or your document will not be in compliance; if not, your document should not be published and you will need to refile before submitting here; this is why it is important to publish almost immediately after you file with the County Clerk - (we are not responsible for legal notices not being in compliance).

If you have more than 7 BUSINESS NAMES on your document, stop now and contact Jim at (or call 707-433-4451, please use ext. 213). (NOTE: You can ALSO submit your STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT here with this form.)


1.) FILL OUT THE FORM. With your credit card information, include the 3 digit code (CVV) on the back of your card. Choose the newspaper you want to publish in; please note that we try to accommodate your preference but we reserve the right to fit your notice in where space allows. It is perfectly legal to go into any Sonoma County paper. COST (rate covers a consecutive 4-week run on Thursdays, that is, you do not pay the rate each week, but one time for the run): Payment is $45 for the standard one business name with one owner name. Add $5 for each additional business name and/or each additional owner name as well. Owner names HAVE to be included in the rate determination, the total cost must include EVERY OWNER NAME and EVERY BUSINESS NAME - (Example: if you have 3 business names and one owner name, that's a total of 4 names, NOT 3 names; if you have one business name and two owner names, that's 3 names, NOT two names or one name). If your notice says the business is run by a MARRIED COUPLE that is TWO OWNER NAMES. If you have more than 7 BUSINESS NAMES on your document, stop and contact Jim instead at: (or call 707-433-4451, ext. 213). If you have two or more separate documents with business names, each with its own filing number, you cannot combine them together in one payment for a total of those names; each document with its own filing number has to be paid for separately, so if you have, say, two documents, you need to go through this process online twice.

2.) UPLOAD A COPY OF YOUR FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT (or ABANDONMENT). Click on BROWSE to attach an electronic copy of your legal document in PDF or JPG format. (HINT: You can take a photo of the document with your phone camera. Just make sure all information is clearly visible and crisp, NO SHADOWS, save it at its original size, save it to your desktop, then browse for it from this form's BROWSE button and attach from there.)

3.) Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form. You will soon receive a confirmation email. If you have a correction after submission or you feel the submission didn't take (after waiting an hour for your confirmation email), contact JIM first. Do not re-submit! If you re-submit, you will be charged twice! We will publish your document once a week in one paper for 4 consecutive weeks.

After the run is complete, we will automatically send a proof of publication to the Sonoma County Clerk Office for you. You do not have to send a proof in. You are done!

THANK YOU for choosing Sonoma West Publishers for your legal notice business.



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