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PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS! Sorry, we do NOT take AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER (it will not work if you try). If you need any help or have any questions, please DO NOT CONTACT OUR EDITORS; they are very busy people and do not deal with legal notices. Instead contact JIM in the legal notice department at: (or call 707-433-4451, ext. 213). He will be more than happy to help you FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS:

With your credit card information (in Billing Information, enter address, city, state, and zip code associated with your credit card), include the 3 digit code (CVV) on the back of your card. COST: Payment is $125 (payment pays for entire 4-week run; you do not have to pay a fee every week).

2.) Upload your ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME (NC-120). Make sure the document you send is NC-120! Make sure your document has your Case Number in the upper right hand corner and the date endorsed. Click on BROWSE to attach an electronic copy of your legal document in PDF or JPG format. (HINT: You can also take a photo of the document with your phone camera. Just make sure all information is clearly visible and crisp, NO SHADOWS, save it at its original size, email it to yourself and/or save it to your desktop, then browse for it from this form and attach from there.)

3.) Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form. You will soon receive a confirmation email. Deadline is Friday at noon for the following Thursday publication. We will publish your document once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, then after the run is complete, we will automatically send a proof of publication to the Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma for you. If you have a correction or think the submission didn't take (after waiting an hour for a confirmation email), contact JIM. Do not re-submit or you will be charged twice!

THANK YOU for choosing Sonoma West Publishers for your legal notice business.

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