The Sonoma Coast Municipal Advisory Council has put out a survey to float whether a residential parking permit (RPP) program could be a solution to parking woes on the Sonoma coast.

Residents along the coast have long had issues with parking, as tourists and non-coastal county residents come out and park along roads to find access to the county’s beloved beaches. A possible parking permit would involve creating zones, rules and costs for residential parking permits that would allow residents the ability to park on neighborhood streets.

“Bringing this program to the community has been a frequent request from some neighborhoods. This is driven 100% by community interest, therefore we appreciate your feedback on the potential program,” reads the introduction to the survey.

If introduced, adoption of the program will require a county ordinance and 67% of the proposed homeowners to vote on the RPP with agreement required by 51% of those voting to establish a program.

Separate from a permit program, the survey also asks coastal residents if they see a need for enforceable parking zones along the coast.

The coastal council’s survey can be completed here.

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Focusing on how to limit us from OUR California Coast should be flipped. Focus on how to create MORE access to a public resource that belongs to everyone, not just coastal land owners. Since these developments did not take into account the need to provide reasonable access to the coastline, the State/County need to work with coastal communities to provide the infrastructure to create access for everyone.

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