Sebastopol City Council Preview 2020

The Sebastopol City Council meeting this week is a double-header, with the meeting starting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday for the council to hold interviews to fill the vacancies on the city’s design review board. The special interview meeting will then adjourn to the regular city council meeting at 6 p.m.

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At its first meeting of the year, the city council will issue a handful of proclamations, including recognizing outgoing planning commissioner Patrick Wilson and recognizing city employees for their years of service. Those being recognized are being mentioned as a group, since they weren’t able to be recognized during individual council meetings due to COVID-19.

Employees that are being recognized for their service to the city span in years with the city from 5 years to 40. 

Consent Calendar

●    Approval of the minutes for the Dec. 15 city council meeting

●    Receipt of calendar year 2020 city council minute/reference orders

●    Approval of calendar year 2021 city council meeting dates

●    Approval of award of contract to Felix General Engineering to install infiltration resistant sewer maintenance hole replacements 

Public Hearing — use permit for Sebastopol Avenue car wash

Continued from a previous city council meeting, the council will be holding the public hearing to consider an application from Mark Reece, requesting the approval of a conditional use permit to operate an automated car wash at 6809 Sebastopol Avenue.

The car wash project involves the construction of an automated car wash and an upstairs office space, as well as the installation of a driveway on Barnes Avenue. According to city materials, the tire shop and oil change on the site aren’t affected by the application. 

Regular Agenda Items

As part of its regular agenda, the council will be discussing and considering appointments for the city’s design review board. It will also be considering the approval of city outside water and sewer service applications for two properties located on Robinson Road to connect to city water and sewer systems.

Lastly, the council will consider amending its list of which council members will be on the Zero Waste City Subcommittee. Currently the subcommittee has Vice Mayor Sarah Glade Gurney and Councilmember Patrick Slayter on it and wanted one of the subcommittee members to serve as the city’s representative for Sonoma County Zero Waste. Councilmember Diana Rich was selected as the representative, so in order to avoid a potential Brown Act violation (subcommittees can only have two council members and one alternate), the council is being asked to discuss amending the assignment to its Zero Waste City Subcommittee.

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There will also be a report from the Housing Subcommittee on the Sebastopol Inn. Item number 11. Thank you for always publishing the City Council Preview and making the public aware of the Council's meetings. It is a wonderful community service.


Zero Waste City

Safeway is using plastic grocery bags again. Now they are green and have "REUSEABLE" written on them.

This should be banned.

The idea was to eliminate plastic bags, and charge 10 cents for paper because those are biodegradable.

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