FISHERMAN — Bodega Bay Fisherman Dick Ogg is the focus of one of the short films.

The Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, which had to cancel its annual week-long festival in March because of the pandemic, will be offering documentary shorts and filmed conversations with directors online starting this week.

“We’re calling the program ‘Documentaries Make House Calls,’” said Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival co-director Cynthi Stefanoni.

The program will be available for streaming May 7-17 and tickets are $10 at Eventive (bit.ly/2z8iidO).

The package includes the following films:

“A Pilgrimage”

When Genevieve Barnhart, now 97, was invited to assemble a retrospective of her sculptures and photographs her first thought was “Why would I want to do that?” Her second was “Maybe I can inspire ‘little women’ to do big things.” This is a cinematic adaptation of her auto-biographical one-woman show, tracking this renowned local artist’s life and work, as well as the globe.

“3 red sweaters”

A filmmaker explores memory and the way that we use technology to record our lives; sometimes at the expense of being present for them. She uses her grandfather's 16mm home videos as her medium. This journey into family archives employs a very personal story to examine how memory is captured as a moment in time, and breathes new life into what was once thought lost forever.

“Dick Ogg: Fisherman”

Living and fishing in the Bodega Bay area for 55 years, Dick Ogg is forced to confront the realities of a warming ocean, increased government regulation and derelict crab pots. As these daunting challenges cause fishermen to leave the profession, Dick faces them with solutions and actions to keep the local fisheries sustainable and alive. This film is sponsored by Slow Fish and Slow Food Russian River.

“Keeper of the Creek”

For eight years, Joel Goldes has taken responsibility for cleaning the creek near his home in Oak Park, California. He's removed hundreds of pounds of garbage and trapped thousands of invasive crawdads, proving that one person really can make a difference

“Rewilding Honeybee”

“Rewilding Honeybees” analyzes the relationship of humans to nature and presents a fundamentally new approach to our interaction with the natural world through a revolutionary method of beekeeping. The intent behind this technique is to alter the way “saving the bees” is understood, by cultivating a more sustainable environment. The concept of “Rewilding Honeybees” presents us with a new understanding of what beekeeping actually means.

“All That Remains”

A year after wildfires ravaged Northern California’s Wine Country, its vulnerable population of farmworkers, many of them undocumented, find themselves in a heightened state of insecurity and inequality. “All That Remains” follows the second responders and vineyard workers who are still dealing with the aftermath of the fires, long after the media has turned away. Their stories shed light on the immigration, labor, and housing issues that have been building in Napa and Sonoma for years, only to be brought to the surface by one of the deadliest natural disasters in California history.

Director conversations follow “All That Remains” and “Dick Ogg: Fisherman.” Ogg himself will be on hand for that conversation.

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