The Sonoma County Democratic Party (SCDP) announced its endorsements of candidates in local races on Sept. 23. According to the group, the endorsements are the culmination of a two-month, rules-driven process, designed to treat everyone equally, from an incumbent to a first-time candidate for office.

"Endorsing candidates and ballot measures is one of the most important things the Sonoma County Democratic Party does in an election year," said Sonoma County Democratic Party Chair Pat Sabo.

Members of the SCDP’s Central Committee and Democratic Clubs form interviewing committees, which represent each of the five districts in the county. These committees, checking frequently with the Office of Voter Registration for new candidates, formally invite each Democratic candidate to fill out an application for SCDP endorsement.

For two weeks, committee chairs conduct interviews, and then submit recommendations at one of SCDP’s monthly, public meetings, where these candidates are discussed and debated. Candidates must receive a two-thirds majority vote to gain endorsement.

For the Cloverdale city council race, the SCDP has endorsed incumbent Melanie Bagby and newcomer Jenny Candelaria-Orr. In the school district race, only newcomer Gabriela Mendoza-Torres gained endorsement.

In the Healdsburg city council race, the SCDP has endorsed Ariel Kelly and Skylaer Palacios. The school district race is uncontested. Healdsburg school employee and former union head Ever Flores gained an endorsement in his Santa Rosa City School Board race.

In Windsor, holding district elections for the first time, incumbent Debora Fudge gained endorsement for her District 3 race. In the mayor race, none of the four candidates received and endorsement.

The endorsement for the race for the Area 1 seat of the Sonoma County Board of Education goes to Cloverdale’s Dianna MacDonald.

In the west county, the SCDP endorsed two candidates for Sebastopol City Council, incumbent Neysa Hinton and newcomer Evert Fernandez.

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Vote against any of the crooks endorsed by the Sonoma County Alliance.

It is interesting that now there are candidates backed by the Alliance that do not even list them as an endorser, but you can tell because the list of individuals backing them are obviously Sonoma County Alliance people.

Pigs were even caught channeling taxpayer money to the Alliance in the form membership dues for government employees and agencies.


We're supposed to give a damn about this?

Sure. It gives us a little more information about candidates. It works for those who are Republicans and tells them who to vote against. It is not a command from above, just information like other endorsements.

Rocketship XM

I try to not be too too cynical, which is VERY challenging these days, but since American pols seem to be intellectually and morally bankrupt from top to bottom (i.e., at all levels) I find myself embracing your acidic reaction to the listing of low level pols running for this and that, many offices completely unknown to me. Hopefully none of these pols, once voted in, are paid by county taxpayers if we don't even know much if anything about what they do?

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