1969 Apple Blossom Parade

1969 Apple Blossom Parade – Sonoma West Times negative collection. This photo pre-dates one-lane roads and the signal light, and gives a glimpse of the shopping center at the north/east corner of Main St. and McKinley Ave where Bank of America and the Purity Market can be seen. If you can identify folks in this photo please let us know.

The following snippets of history were prepared by volunteers at the Western Sonoma County Historical Society. For more information about local history, go to the WSCHS website at wschs.org, or email comments or questions about this History Corner to Mary Dodgion at wschs.historycorner@gmail.com.

December 1920

Analy Red Cross drive is a failure

The Red Cross Membership Roll Call campaign resulted in a collection of about $400 in the Sebastopol District which is composed of the AUHS District and Occidental, Freestone and Camp Meeker. While this is much less than expected, and in comparison with former Roll Calls falls far short, it is not much different from the results the county over. Unless additional funds can be raised promptly our Public Health Nurse will have to be given up. Arrangements have been made to keep the office and equipment here during December and it is planned to make a campaign to raise the $1,800 necessary to keep the Public Health Nurse in Sebastopol. Businesses and residents of the community will be asked to raise sufficient funds to keep our nurse for another year.

December 1945

Public warned on new tires by OPA board

Local boards of the Office of Price Administration are being flooded with applications for new passenger car tires ever since the ending of the gasoline rationing. Demands for tires are far ahead of production and dealers stocks are very low. In some areas, there are far more certificates out than there are tires available. Issuing certificates over the available tires makes the certificate worthless “hunting licenses.” Occupational preference lists will be used as guides to determine the neediest applicants rather than issue useless certificates to all applicants. As long as the present acute tire shortage exists, tires must get all the safe miles they can out of their present tires.

December 1970

LDS church plans open house

Guests will tour the recently constructed Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, 8100 Valentine Rd. The building cost more than $300,000 to build, and the land cost $21,000. Presently the church contains 9,000 sq. ft., but plans are to increase this with a 7,000 sq. ft. recreation hall and more classrooms. The Mormon’s began meeting in the IOOF Hall after the Sebastopol branch was established in 1950. Royal Muir established a Sunday school in Sebastopol in 1947. Growing memberships over the years necessitated moving to various places, including the Pellini Hall (now temporary quarters for the Bank of Sonoma County,) to a rest home on Gravenstein Highway. So then to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Purity Store is sold

Purity Store, part of the Sebastopol business community since the 1930s, will officially close, vacate the premises, and become Ranch Mart under the ownership of two Fremont-based supermarket executives. According to John Niven, VP of operations at Purity Stores, the chain is making “a chain-wide effort to sell its smaller stores.” So far, the Sebastopol store at 6940 McKinley Street is the only store affected. New owners of the business are Eugene W. Smith and Charles Trulin, both of Fremont. The owners plan to move to Sebastopol as soon as they sell their Fremont homes.

December 2020 — West County Museum happenings

1921 is going to be a challenge for the History Corner as far as pulling information from the Sebastopol Times. The issues of February and March 1921 do not exist, so I will have to pull from neighboring newspapers in Santa Rosa and Petaluma. For your information, Petaluma had the forethought back so many years to preserve the history of the area. The Petaluma Argus-Courier has been a go-to paper when the Sebastopol Times could not be a source of research.

We know that finding missing issues of the Times for 1921 are probably impossible but there are other years that are also missing that may well be in hidden or piled in a corner of your garage. Those missing years are 1958-1961 (this includes all months.) There is still hope that those issues are still with us, maybe your parents had a stack of newspapers. Before throwing them in the dumpster, please think about their possible value to your town. Give us a call or email and we can assist.

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