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No DA recall

I am vehemently opposed to the recall effort against the district attorney for a few reasons related to cost. First, there is the cost of a special election of at least $500,000. This is not the time to burden taxpayers, particularly when Ravitch has announced she is not running again and there will be a regular election next June for the next DA. Then there is the cost of lost productivity and morale within the office with uncertainty about the future. There is also the cost of lines being drawn in the workplace between employees impressed with her performance and opportunists looking for advancement.

We hold elections for this position and there is one scheduled for next year —Ravitch will not be on the ballot by her choice. That said, I have been personally impressed with her performance and have supported her since day one. She has a great work ethic and has done an amazing job during the most trying of times. Her character is beyond reproach — meaning her honesty, integrity, grit, loyalty to oath and her resolve for justice. She is an asset who should complete her term.


Doug Wood



EDITOR: Our supervisors are going to decide soon whether cannabis tourism promotion will be part of the new cannabis ordinance. This is a slippery slope! Getting high in the privacy of your home is one thing. But how will cannabis tasting rooms operate — will they resemble opium dens or cigar bars, with tourists lounging while munching appetizers until the drug takes effect? And, then where do they go? Road safety is a major concern here.

Although tourism is important to Sonoma County; let’s put it in perspective. Pre-pandemic data from the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, shows tourist spending at about 6.5% of Sonoma County’s annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This includes a full range of tourist types, such as bicyclists and coastal visitors. However, media’s coverage of tourism may lead the public to believe tourism is the dominant factor in our economy—– not so. Six other industries generate more value to the county’s GDP.

In fact, Sonoma County’s greatest assets are what we — citizen advocates working constructively with our county officials — have preserved: A pristine coast, extensive agricultural lands, greenbelts and community separators, as well as open space and park lands. And, county voters consistently vote for additional taxes to protect and preserve these environmental and community assets.

Please write your Supervisor and encourage him or her to retain County Ordinance No. 6245, Sec.26-88-250 (c) (5), which states: “Tasting, promotional activities, and events related to commercial cannabis activities are prohibited.”

Charlene Stone

Santa Rosa

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