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EDITOR: I recently discovered a timely, well-researched and profound book (“Divided We Fall” by David French) that analyzes our current escalations towards the polarization of our opposing political beliefs that may very well be beginning to hurtle us dangerously close to some manner of societal disintegration, a totalitarian system, a hot/cold civil war, a secession of some states from our union, and/or a even a possibility of a vulnerability that might allow a meddling or actual takeover by hostile foreign powers.

He realistically presents how both sides are complicit in this trend, either by the familiar emotion-fueled ultra-defensive egotistical melodrama in support of a timeworn status quo, or the equally familiar intolerant, elitist pseudo-superiority that is more collective egotism than anything real. While each side feels smugly justified in their biased melodrama, none of it is very accurate, realistic, comprehensive, nor constructive.

He concludes with several chapters that discuss resolutions while appealing to our rational need to “cross the aisle”, to be empathic towards their differences, and to strive to become more tolerant of this unpopular kind of diversity. Only then can we achieve the fully pluralistic cooperative union envisioned by our Founding Fathers, and give us the attention necessary to confront the other pressing challenges —  the COVID, global warming, etc. — that currently befall us.

It’s an enlightening read.

Robert Beauchamp


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