If you’re a Sonoma Clean Power customer, here’s how you can see if you’re saving money over being a PG&E customer:

Using your monthly Energy Statement, do this calculation—compare the “Generation Credit” to the sum of the “Total Sonoma Clean Power Electric Generation Charge” and the “Power Charge Indifference Adjustment.”

 The “generation credit” is what PG&E is saying it would have charged you for electricity. The sum of the other two charges is what you’re paying as a Sonoma Clean Power customer.

A by-the-numbers glance at your energy bill

Courtesy of Sonoma Clean Power

1. Account Number

2. PG&E Electric Delivery Charges

This is PG&E’s charge for the delivery of electricity. It includes transmission, distribution, and a variety of other fees. It does NOT include generation charges if you’re an SCP customer.

3. Sonoma Clean Power Electric Generation Charges

This is SCP’s charge for generation – the cost of producing the electricity you use.

PGE bill 1

4. Generation Credit

This number is the amount that PG&E would have charged you for Electric Generation. This number is helpful in comparing SCP’s electric generation cost to PG&E’s electric generation cost.

5. Power Charge Indifference Adjustment

This fee is required by PG&E of all Sonoma Clean Power customers. It is intended to ensure that customers who switch to SCP pay for the above-market cost of energy that PG&E bought on their behalf prior to the change in service.

6. Franchise Fee Surcharge

This fee is collected by PG&E to pay for the right to use public streets to run gas and electric service.

7. Total PG&E Electric Delivery Charges

PG&E Bill 2

This is the sum of PG&E’s charges for electric delivery, which matches the charge on the summary page of your bill.

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